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Chests of drawers

Bestow classic and elegant storage options in your bedroom.

How to buy the right chest of drawers for your space

A chest of drawers is a practical piece of furniture that offers storage and caters for the organisation of your everyday items. Chests of drawers vary in sizes, typically offering three or more drawers. Here’s a guide to finding the right one for you.

For the bedroom

A chest of drawers is the perfect solution for a bedroom with limited wardrobe space. It can cater for your clothes, pyjamas and shoes. Chests with a combination of small and large drawers are a good option to allocate just the right amount of width for your smaller accessories.

For the nursery

A nursery needs a storage unit that allows parents to have quick and easy access to baby necessities. For a consistent theme in your nursery, opt for a change table in the same hue, material or design as your chest of drawers.

For the kids’ room

After the little ones grow out of their nursery, chests of drawers are perfect for kids’ rooms. They’re a modern alternative to the toy box and are ideal for storing extra linens or blankets for cold nights.

Not just practical

Chests of drawers are more than just practical storage – they’re style staples that can bring character to a room. Often made from timber, they have a strong and sturdy build to withstand the weight of stored items.

Use handsome timber tones to blend seamlessly into any interior, and black or white finishes for modern aesthetics. Pair with rugs underfoot and top with décor for a stunning feature.

Shop brands like SLH and Dover Mason for a superior collection of top quality builds. Beaumont & Braddock and Kayu Estate also offer a wide range of styles that are sure to be a perfect fit in your home.

Dresser, tallboy or chest of drawers?

Dressers or dressing tables are usually accompanied by a hutch or mirror. While dressers may also have a drawer or two, they are not at the same capacity of a chest of drawers but rather for smaller items such as makeup and jewellery.

Tallboys were wardrobes of the 18th century, typically being quite large and a focal point of the room. The term ‘tallboy’ is still in use, but here at Zanui we prefer ‘chest of drawers’ to also indicate the number of drawers on the piece of furniture. Shopping made easy!