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Embellish your home with ostentatious lighting - a chandelier for classically lavish illumination

Embrace elegant lighting in your home with chandeliers from Zanui.



Chandeliers are bound to make a statement in any home, but there are certain materials that will make certain statements. This is something you should consider in your chandelier shopping.

Glass accents on chandeliers are a classic look that never goes out of style. Multifaceted glass details effortlessly refract the light from your bulbs. Materials like metal can also encourage a glow-like finish, while more matte materials like wood or plastics can encourage a more relaxed, contemporary aesthetic.

The material you want in a chandelier is the beginning of your lighting style choices.

Makena 3-Tier Jute Chandelier


You would be forgiven for thinking there might not be a lot of colour choices when it comes to chandeliers. Luckily, the possibilities now extend beyond the traditional shades you might be expecting.

The classic looks—polished metallic tones and bold black bodies—will never go out of style. However, there are more contemporary options available now as well. Organic rope and rattan options are ever emerging in coastal- and Hamptons-inspired interiors. These finishes are dependent on material but it is their colour more than anything that proclaims their fresh, new style.

In terms of bulbs themselves, the colour of these has been facing a trend towards purer, whiter light recently. A lot of this can be attributed to the popularity of LED bulbs over incandescent light bulbs. Because of this you might find yourself leaning towards the more earthy tones to bring some warmth to your lighting. Or instead head in the opposite direction, embracing a chic, modern look.

Paris 3-Arm Crystal Chandelier


The type of your chandelier involves the shape and form it takes. The silhouette of your chandelier is perhaps the most important factor of its style so it’s important to pay attention to type when making a chandelier decision.

You must consider the impression your chandelier will make. Do you want long, flowing limbs of crystalline-looking beads? Maybe you’re interested in the traditional design, or even a development on that with multiple tiers of light sources. Do you want the softer light provided by a drum type? Will your lights be shaded or exposed?

Antler Chandelier


Interior style trends are always growing and changing as every interior stylist—professional or just someone decorating their own home—puts their own spin on something.

Every aspect of the chandelier—material, colour, type—combine to create the style.

Whether you’ve decided to pursue traditional-looking designs or to experiment with more contemporary styles, there’s a chandelier to suit your needs. So get started on your chandelier online shopping journey today with Zanui!