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Ceiling lights offer you a practical and stylish way to light up your space. Whether you’re looking for bedroom lights, living room lights, or lights for some other part of the home, there are a number of important things to think about when choosing the best ceiling light for you.


Your Style

One of the first things to consider is your own personal style. Ceiling lights and pendant lights can go a long way to furthering your interior style, when chosen carefully. A row of metal pendant lights in an industrial kitchen is most certainly a match. A glamorous crystal chandelier in a bohemian-inspired living room is definitely not. If you’re unsure what your interior style is, or you’re choosing your ceiling lights from a practicality standpoint, lights that sit flush against your ceiling are usually a safe choice. There are certain parts of the home where you shouldn’t sacrifice practicality for style, however. You want to ensure your kitchen ceiling lights provide enough illumination to allow you to see what you’re cooking, for example. Be stylish, but remember to be practical where necessary. 


Formal vs Modern

Ceiling lights, in particular pendant lights, come in many different shapes and styles. Some have a traditional, formal look to them, based on time-tested success. Others have adopted a more modern look to meet today’s interior style needs. Chandeliers, for example, aren’t all just made of crystal anymore. Many have additional statement-making elements that make them suitable for contemporary and modern interior aesthetics. Consider how a modern pendant light might look in your space, one that’s essentially a functional piece of art. If it won’t match your style, something a little more formal and traditional might be best.



Determining the right size ceiling lights for your space can be a challenge. It’s important to measure the height of your ceilings before selecting a pendant light. Ensure they’re high enough that there’s no chance anyone will knock their heads on a low-hanging pendant. If your ceilings are quite low, ceiling fixtures that sit flush to your ceiling or recessed ceiling lights are a safer choice. Adequate spacing between your ceiling lights is important, too. If your downlights are too few and far between, or they’re all focused in one area, there likely won’t be sufficient illumination to cover the whole room.

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Ceiling lights offer you a practical and stylish way to light up your space. From unobtrusive downlights and spotlights to statement-making pendants and ornate chandeliers, you can find the right ceiling lights and ceiling fixtures for your space among our extensive collection.

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