Ceiling Fans

For those sweltering summer nights, with an air of style

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Circulate your style with ceiling fans from Zanui

Ceiling fans have come to be a staple in most homes. After all, not only can they lower temperatures in the summer, most of them can actually make your space warmer in the winter! This is via the handy switch on the fan’s body that changes the spinning direction from pulling hot air up and away to pushing it down to warm you up. This clever use of aerodynamics also lets you adjust your room temperature, while keeping your power bill down—it’s a win-win!

Indoor Ceiling Fans


Indoors is where most ceiling fans reside. While a lot of us have air conditioning units now, ceiling fans still have their place in our homes. Letting your ceiling fan run while your air conditioning unit is on will help distribute that cooler air throughout your home. And even if you don’t have air conditioning in your home, indoor ceiling fans are still the fastest way to cool your space down.

Standing or table fans may have their place, but they take up a lot of space in our homes. They might seem preferable when you want to feel that cool breeze in your hair, but they’re unlikely to cool down an entire room the way a ceiling fan is. Not to mention a ceiling fan does it all without taking up any precious floor space.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Hamilton 5-Blade Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan, Old Bronze

Just like indoors, outdoor ceiling fans can help you control the temperature of your space. However, they have the extra benefit of being able to try to keep pests away. There’s nothing worse when you’re enjoying a nice meal outside with family and friends and flies keep buzzing about.  Outdoor ceiling fans aren’t a guarantee that you’ll have a bug-free environment, but they certainly can act as a deterrent for those pesky, airborne menaces.

Ceiling Fans’ Material

The material of your ceiling fans may be a very important part of your buying decision, especially if you’re looking to mount it outdoors. Plastics might not seem like the hardest choice, but plastic doesn’t rust and is resistant to most forms of decay. This means it’s an ideal choice for the blades of your ceiling fan.

Once you’ve decided on the material in which you’re interested in your ceiling fan, you’ve still got plenty of other decisions to make. For example, how many blades should your fan have? Would you like it to have a light as well for a two-in-one design? Should it be decorative as well for both functionality and style?

Your journey doesn’t end here so browse Zanui’s range of ceiling fans online now.