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Home fragrances and candles to enliven the atmosphere

Zanui offers a wide collection of home fragrances and candles including fragrant room sprays, scented oils and oil diffusers, flameless candles, scented candles, and candle holders. You can select from jar candles, pillar candles, tea light candles or tapered candles. We also present a great selection of accessories such as candle holders, diffusers, lanterns and candle stands in contemporary, vintage and oriental designs. Have a glance at our range of exotic candles that heighten the senses. Instinctively seductive, exotic candles with enchanting fragrances create the ambiance and take you down the memory lane or to the places you dreamt of.

Help body, mind and spirit by clearing away negative vibes and emotions. Relieve stress, enhance clarity and gain insight by lighting up scented candles infused with essential oils. Create sensual mood or meditative mood, feel energetic or experience relaxation just by choosing the right fragrance. Zanui provides candles for all occasions including candle light dinner, bubble bath, birthday, wedding and prayer. Explore our wide range of home fragrances appropriate for a refreshing beginning of the day in the morning, stress relief in the afternoon, and to uplift your mood in the evening. Enrich you personal and family life or improve productivity at work by choosing the right fragrance.

Complement any décor with the flickering flames and dancing shadows

Explore the world of fragrances with designer candles from Ecoya, Enjoy Lighting and Casa Uno. Ecoya candles, made from the finest quality Soybean and palm oil, are sustainable and paraffin wax free. Long lasting, clean and refreshing Ecoya candles release strong fragrances and uplift the atmosphere. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting without the risk of fire. Tea light candles from Casa Uno, encased in small containers, are versatile and self contained colorful candles. They are perfect to brighten up any space and enhance the beauty of any occasion. Available in a variety of style, fragrances and colors, candles complement any décor. They are a perfect decorative addition to a flower arrangement. They can be placed as centerpieces, on shelves, in kids bedroom or on the floor.

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