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With an innovation-driven approach, bombol is dedicated to a natural way of giving care to your little one with simple yet functional designs to stimulate their development.

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Belgian and Swiss industrial designers Frédéric Gooris and Sebastiano Tosi co-founded Bombol in 2009. With an impressive combined portfolio including work with Philippe Starck, Gooris and Tosi came together to produce design-oriented baby furniture. They chose the name Bombol to suggest the bumble bee, seeing similarities between the plump, clumsy buzzing bee and a little baby learning to walk.

When Gooris was expecting his first child, he was disappointed by the mechanical bouncers in garish fabrics available on the contemporary market. Bombol designed the Bamboo Bouncer as a chic alternative to quieting your baby. The innovative design was honed over several years to produce today’s Bamboo Bouncer with minimalist lines and a contemporary look that suits your adult décor.

Enjoy long-lasting use of your Bamboo Bouncer throughout your baby’s childhood

Seat your little one in the ultimate in comfort in the Bamboo Bouncer, from newborn through to the toddler years. The Bamboo Bouncer accommodates your newborn baby with the Bamboo Bouncer Newborn Kit. And then when your little one grows up the Bamboo Bouncer becomes a toddler chair with the removal of the harness.