Zanui’s Staff Picks for Mother’s Day!


There are a bazillion+ different kinds of mums in the world. And trying to catalogue them is like trying to herd dreams. You can’t quite grasp them. And why would you want to? It would only spoil their magic.

So we’ve decided to spotlight some of OUR mums and what we’re buying them to say thanks for being awesome.

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The Bibliophile aka Kay’s mum

She digs books. She likes the written word. (She even knows what bibliophile means.) She’s a bit old school. She likes the weighty feel of a novel in her hands. She photocopies the cryptic crossword from the paper so that she can ponder it during her weekly travels.

Kay chose:

St Alban’s Mohair Firefly Throw Rug “I’ll be honest. I covet this throw. It’s super-cosy and rich in gorgeous colour. With winter round the corner, what’s not to love.”

St Albans

St Albans provides a range of pure and natural Mohair, Alpaca and Wool products. Handcrafted in Australia for over 60 years, these treasures are a must-have.

Look by David Bailey “This maverick Brit fashion + portrait photographer is the bomb… He’s photographed everyone from Twiggy to Johnny Depp, Andy Warhol and the Beatles. Best known for his photos of the 60s music + art scene, this collection also includes London at its gritty street best.”

David Bailey: Look. A glimpse into the life and work of one of the world’s most prolific fashion and portrait photographers, David Bailey.

Royal Doulton Pacific mugs + Wedgwood Original Tea in a Caddy “I love the deep indigo hues and the casual sophistication of the Pacific collection. It captures the essence of the beach and I love that it’s mix-n-match. And well, Mum is English – tea is an institution!”

Kay is our Senior Content Writer.

Pacific Mugs Set of 6 by Royal Doulton

The Pacific collection is reminiscent of beach discoveries. Featuring an aquatic family of indigo blues in its core and accent pieces, its patterns capture the irregularity of the sea shore’s textures and landscapes.

The Itamae* 板前 aka Yosuke’s mum

She’s a masterchef with a Japanese leaning. Her meticulous approach to making your mouth water is only matched by her creativity. When she’s not whipping up delicious things, she splits the rest of her time between the garden and the golf course. (Nice>)

*It’s Japanese for chef but how cool does it sound!!

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Yosuke chose:

Royal Doulton 1815 Tapas Rectangular Tray (Set of 8) “She loves entertaining and these dishes would be perfect to serve some of her signature gyoza, karage chicken, eggplant and sushi.” (Yuuuum!)

From L to R: 1815 Tapas Rectangular Tray (Set of 8) by Royal Doulton, Sari Photo Frame by Amalfi, and Aztec Planter by Have You Met Miss Jones.

Have You Met Miss Jones Aztec Planter “She loves to blend inside with outside through the house. And this also adds a pop of colour.”

Amalfi Sari Photo Frame “Because what mum wouldn’t want a nice framed photo of her and her two sons 😉 Especially as my brother has just moved to Japan.” (Aw! Bless.)

Yosuke is our Managing Director.

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The Herb-whisperer aka Kyra’s mum

She adores the outdoors. She’s happiest with her hands in the earth. At posh events, she slips them under serviettes to hide her green thumbs. Her garden is a bluster of colour and vegie goodness. And she travels. Her caravan is her temple. From a week to months of idyllic seaside coasting…

Kyra chose:

The Vacuum Flask from The Thoughtful Gardener “She loves being in the garden and she’s also a coffee lover, so surely she’d love both at the same time! ;)” (Genius!)

The Classic Travel Tin from Gasciogne & King “It’s got some really unique floral-based scents available, burns for 25 hours, and it’s in a carry tin. My parents travel around Australia a lot, so it’s perfect for when they’re out and about, to remind her of her garden back home.”

From L to R: The Classic Travel Tin by Gascoigne & King, Vacuum Flask by The Thoughtful Gardener and Cocoon Vase by Amalfi, available online at Zanui.

The Cocoon Vase from Emma’s Design “So she can display the spoils of her garden. I think it’s lovely and sophisticated, but does have that delicate “cocoon” look that hints at the garden.”

Kyra is our Content Writer for Homewares.

How will you celebrate your Mother’s Day?

Stay tuned for part 2 when we’ll ask more Zanuians to spill the beans… 😀

Kay is a feature, blog and copywriter. She collects empty jam jars, academic degrees and tawdry dreams in the hopes of turning them into something useful someday. Her work has been published in ACP magazines, ABC fiction, Overland, Brittle Star, Seizure, trade publications and online forums. Her creative writing has won several awards.