Your Guide to Designing a Nursery That Grows With Your Child

Poppy Seed 6-Piece Nursery Set

It’s not just clothes your child outgrows, is it? It’s toys, it’s furniture – it’s everything. They grow so quickly that sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up!

Thankfully, there are ways you can design your child’s bedroom, at least, so that it grows with them.

From baby to toddler to pre-schooler to kindergartener, there are a few styling tips you can follow that will save you from spending big the moment your child outgrows their bed or enters a Frozen phase!

Header image features the Poppy Seed 6-Piece Nursery Set.

Multi-functional Furniture

Thankfully, modern nursery and children’s furniture is incredibly versatile. Many designers anticipate that parents don’t want to have to refurnish and redesign the nursery as often as their little ones outgrow their shoes!

Cots to Toddler Beds

Leander Cot

There are many cots on the market that have multiple configurations – cot to bed, cot to sofa and so on – so that they remain functional right through to your child’s school years.

You can easily transform the Leander Cot from Leander (pictured and available from Zanui) into a toddler bed by removing three of the sides.

It’s low to the ground so it’s easily reachable by those with little legs, and an extension kit is also available to increase the length when those little legs become a little longer!

Sparrow Cot

Some cots, like the Sparrow Cot from Oeuf (pictured and available from Zanui) do require conversion kits to be changed into a toddler bed. It’s important to check with the supplier whether your cot can be converted simply by removing the sides, or whether a conversion kit is required.

Cots to Day Beds and Sofas

Leander Linea Cot

The Leander Linea Cot can be transformed into a sofa simply by removing one of the sides and adding cushions and covers (sold separately).

Its contemporary and stylish design makes it a versatile and practical piece that will last well after your child has outgrown the cot.

Leander Linea Cot as Sofa

Timeless Pieces

Merlin Dresser

A chest of drawers such as this is beautiful and versatile and could function well into your child’s teen years, or even into adulthood!

It’s important to choose pieces that won’t become outdated, un-stylish or unusable as the years go by.

Multiple Uses

Mini Library

This mini library from Oeuf is perfect for storing toys and books and other items, depending on your child’s changing needs. Choose pieces, such as this, that are of an average height – not so tall that a young child can’t reach the items, but not so short that they feel like baby furniture.

Look for change tables that have storage options beneath and a removable change mat on the top. Once the nappies no longer need to be changed, the table can be converted into a regular storage unit, perfect for storing clothes, toys and other items as you need.

Neutral Colours

Merlin 3 Drawer Dresser

When designing your child’s nursery or bedroom, it’s usually a good idea to stick with neutral colours such as wood tones and white. That way, as your child’s tastes and interests change, you can simply change up the décor to match it without having to redesign the entire room.

The Merlin 3 Drawer Dresser from Oeuf (pictured and available from Zanui) features both of these shades. The neutral colouring allows it to suit any colour scheme and any phase – from the soft blue of a baby’s nursery to a five-year-old’s red and blue Cars themed bedroom!

Canberra Armchair and Foot Stool

This arm chair and footstool set is perfect for breastfeeding or snuggling up to read to your child in the nursery, but its neutral colouring means it could also serve as an armchair in your living room or office.

Appropriate Colours and Themes

Sparrow Nursery Set

You need to be smart about choosing colour schemes and décor themes. Your little girl might love hot pink and cats right now, but this time next year she might decide she likes purple and superheroes.

Work around your child’s tastes. Soft pink, for example, is timelessly elegant and always in style, and it’s far easier to match other décor elements with a soft shade than a loud one.

Clarke Bed

Use colour as an accent rather than the focus of your little one’s room and it will make staying in style and keeping them happy much easier.

Change it up

Kitty Cat Quilt Cover Set

If pink and cats are a must-have, incorporate elements of both with non-permanent style choices. Cushions, rugs, lamp shades, bedding and other small things are all fairly inexpensive  ways to make your little one smile and that can be changed out as necessary.

Aim to be Educative

World Map Kids Rug

You can incorporate educative elements into your child’s bedroom without giving it a classroom feel.

Rugs and play mats featuring numbers, the alphabet, city maps and even world maps, like this one from Bright Kids, can be a great way to bring learning into the bedroom or even the playroom. Such a rug will last them well into their school years, until they’re geography experts!

Woodland Animal Alphabets

Wall art and wall decals like this alphabet one from Little Sticker Boy can also be a great way to invite learning into the bedroom. These wall decals are cute and stylish and can be easily removed once your child has mastered their ABC’s.

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