Year-By-Year Anniversary Gifts

Rendez-Vous Wine Glass

Being with a partner for a long time can have a lot of benefits. One of those benefits can be gifts! If you’re a lover of tradition, you might like to stick to the classic theme for each yearly gift, but sometimes that’s tricky. So we’re getting into them for you!

Whether you’re giving a gift to a couple you love, or if you’re a part of a relationship yourself and want to gift your beloved something to celebrate the years, tradition can be a fun method to decide what gift to give.

Year One – Paper

Paper can seem like an odd gift to give, until you remember books are made of paper! Gift your beloved a book that you love, an interesting-looking book you saw in some article, a book that you think they will love, a book you want to read together, or just something that made you think of them. If you give each other a book, you can enjoy book-reading dates where you relax with your new books and a cup of tea together.

Year Two – Cotton

Hello, new bed sheets. Year two is so great because you get to gift your significant other something you can enjoy too! Or you can pick out some lovely cotton bedding together as a gift “from us to us.” This can be a great opportunity to work together to create the sleep space that works for both of you. You might both be bringing your own bedding from before you lived together, so getting some new bedding that’s just for the two of you can be a nice moment in the relationship.

Haze Quilt Cover Set

Year Three – Leather

Leather sure seems like an odd choice for year three. (Leather? Before even wool?) But alas, here we are, tradition mandating that after three years you turn to leather for the medium of your gift. Of course, if you’re more inclined to faux leather, we’re sure your significant other won’t object. Now, with a bit of thought there are actually a few options for (faux) leather. There’s fancy leather sofas and armchairs that can be another great “let’s buy this together for us” kind of gift. You could also consider fashionable items, such as a chic leather belt or some fabulous leather shoes.

Year Four – Linen & Silk or Fruit & Flowers

This is where things get tricky and it all depends on where you live! In the United Kingdom, the fourth anniversary is celebrated with linen or silk. In the United States however, four years is celebrated with fruit and flowers. Rather confusing, but really it just means you have some options.

If you opt for the UK linen and silk path, a popular choice is fancy (kinda sexy) sleepwear, robes, or lingerie. After all, is there a feeling more luxurious than slipping into bed in some silk pyjamas? If you’re feeling more American, then maybe gift your significant other a bouquet of their favourite flowers, a parcel of their favourite fruit, or a fun combination of the two.

Year Five – Wood

Much like leather, you can opt for furniture accents for this gift too. Whether it’s seating, a bed frame, a bed head, tables, whatever you like there’s surely something you as a couple need and this can be an opportunity to get it. Or if you like to gift your significant other some personal, consider carpentry items such as a well-crafted jewellery box, or any kind of wooden carving. Heck if you’re creative, you could even swing a hardback book as being made of wood (maybe even paperback if you’re convincing enough) if you and your partner just love reading.

Year - Wood

Year Ten – Tin or Aluminium

There are a lot of years between five and ten, we know. (If you’re interested they are: six – sweets in the UK or iron in the US, seven – wool in the UK or copper in the US, eight – salt in the UK or bronze in the US, nine – copper in the UK or pottery in the US.) But we figured it’d be easier to stick to the Bigger Moments in a relationship.

For the tenth year in your relationship, UK custom says you give gifts of tin, and US custom says aluminium. (Though we suppose they’d say “aluminum.”) Both of these materials seem odd. Even more odd than wood. What kind of gift is made of tin or aluminium? The first thing that came to our minds was baking pans. Which, don’t get us wrong, we love, especially if you love to cook. But it doesn’t exactly scream romance. Something that does scream romance however, is jewellery. Plenty of earrings or necklace chains are made of either tin or aluminium, which means so long as you feature one of those materials somewhere in your gift, you’re free to get creative this time around.

Year Fifteen – Crystal

Back to the classic, homey gifts. Crystal is another great opportunity to gift your whole unit together, buying (as a couple) a lovely crystal set or a decanter to serve both your needs and desires. On the other hand, it can be a very nice gesture to each give each other a type of glassware that suits the type of drink your partner enjoys. So if you love sparkling wine but your partner loves whisk(e)y, maybe they give you some crystal flutes while you give them some crystal low ball glasses?

Macassar Old Fashioned Glass

Year Twenty – China

The perfect excuse to purchase that fancy guest china that they always seem to have in TV and movies. China can mean different things to different people, but here at Zanui we think of it as the type of ceramic, fine bone china. The fine nature of china is what makes it perfect for those special occasions.

China is a great opportunity to explore a fancy style you might not have appreciated in your younger years. Plus, you can explore this together or alone.

Year Twenty-Five – Silver

Silver is incredibly versatile. This is another opportunity to show your love with jewellery. On the other hand, fine silverware can look stunning next to the new china you just got five years ago. Or you can just keep the colour in mind, in which case, the sky is the limit! For the most part though, from here on out you’re pretty much figured out the kinds of gifts your significant other likes (and dislikes). So we trust you to find the perfect silver-themed gift for them.

Year Thirty – Pearls

The most obvious option for this one is jewellery. This doesn’t just have to mean earrings or necklaces though! Watches accented with pearls is a great option for more masculine-leaning people. Or, you could consider home accents featuring pearls, like chandeliers or mirrors. If you’re super creative, maybe the two of you can splurge on a fancy seafood dinner to celebrate the pearl year.


Year Fourty – Ruby

As we progress further through these years, we get down to a lot of fine jewels. The most obvious option here is always going to be jewellery and accessories. And here, obvious doesn’t mean bad! By this time in your relationship, perhaps tried and true is a good option for anniversary gifts.

Year Fifty – Gold

Another year that’s perfect for jewellery and accessories of all kinds. However, this is one of the few later years that isn’t traditionally celebrated with jewels, so it might be one of the last times to get in with an experimental, creative option.

Christina Re Love

The Christina Re collection features tableware made of fine bone china and stainless steel cutlery with 24 carat gold accents.

If you look in the right places, you can find almost anything that is gold, features gold plating, or displays gold colouring. From tableware, to furniture, to décor, there’s always something gold you can find to brighten up your home. Home accents can be particularly great as they are something you often see, reminding you of the accomplishment of fifty years. (Really, it’s pretty impressive!)

Year Sixty – Diamond

More impressive than fifty, of course, is sixty. At this point, tradition says it’s time for the big one. Diamonds. (Cubic zirconia works too, if you prefer.) Sure you can find creative solutions to this one, which we love. But for the most part, after sixty years keeping it classic is a good idea. Who doesn’t love diamonds?


So now you’re armed with knowledge for gifts for your loved ones for years. Hit us up in the comments if you have any clever, inventive ideas to make the most of the traditional materials!

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.