5 non-cliché Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll both love

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to mean dinner and a movie! We’ve got some out-of-the-box ideas to help spread the love…

Whether you celebrate it as something special or would rather treat it as any other day, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get together. Because why not!

We all love to feel loved <3 So use this opportunity to do something new and make some beautiful memories. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got a few…

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Go on a bushwalk

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to enjoy a bushwalk! Choose a route that suits your experience. Pack a picnic lunch and let the beauty of nature inspire you both.

Bushwalks are a great activity for bonding and making memories. Plus they’re perfect for photo opportunities that you’ll remember forever!

Yes, you might get a little sweaty. Yes, you might be a bit sore the next day. But it’s totally worth it, we promise 😉

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Head away from the hustle and bustle and get back to nature… Image via Unsplash.

Cook something new together

Love food? Get cooking! Every couple has their signature dishes. But it’s worth spicing things up in the kitchen every once in a while!

Spend some time flipping through cookbooks or recipes online. Pick something neither of you have tried before.

Cooking is great for working together and getting a little messy. And the best part is that you get to eat your creation at the end!

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Double-up with friends

Take your date to a new level by adding more people! Consider activities with friends instead of the traditional one-on-one.

Fun group activities could include bowling or mini-golf, a barbecue or picnic, or something as simple as a dinner party at home.

Don’t confine your Valentine’s Day to the tried-and-true (or the boring!). If you’re up for being social, a double-date with friends is the way to go.

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Spread the love and invite your friends! Image via Unsplash.

Play video games (or board games!)

For a lazy-day date (ideal after your bushwalk!) order in some take-away, park yourselves on the sofa, and get out the controllers.

Playing video games is the perfect way to blow off steam and have a few laughs. Trust us, you don’t need to be an expert because the aim is to have fun and let your guard down.

And if you don’t have a gaming console, go old-school and invite some friends around for a round of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit.

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Get your game on! Image via Unsplash.

Go star-gazing

Here’s one for the hopeless romantics! If you’re craving a little alone time, pack a blanket and some wine and head out of the city.

Find a scenic spot to park your car, play some of your favourite music, and just enjoy the view (and each other’s company!).

Life gets busy. Sometimes the nicest thing is to take a quiet moment together, to slow things down, and look at the stars…

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Take a little time-out to marvel at the stars… Image via Unsplash.



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