The USA’s Most Awesome Treehouses


Treehouses are the perfect refuges and these beauties are sure to tickle any travellers’ fancy. If you have ever wanted to ditch the suburbs and embrace the tree-change, you certainly aren’t alone.

These whimsical wooden creations scatter the USA, promising tranquility and serenity. Whether big or small, simple or intricate, let inspiration take root this summer and get amongst nature.

Fit for woodland royalty

This treehouse is like a floating, earthy castle. It’s large and it’s high and it’s perfect for anyone who has their head in the clouds.

Pete Nelson - Top Ridge - nature - cabin - treehouses
Pete Nelson (Top Ridge, New York). Get the nature-inspired look in your home with selected wall art from Zanui. Image source:

Cozy cabin sanctuary

This elegant home is the perfect fusion of raw nature and structured craftsmanship. Cool and classy, it satisfies the high-rollers of forest living.

Wild Tree Woodworks (Washington). Inject fresh greenery in your home with pots and planters from Zanui. Image source:


This is the residential address of an American couple who didn’t just talk about making the move to the forest. We wonder how the postman handles these deliveries?

Permanent residence (Asheville, North Carolina). Image source:

High-flying wifi retreat

A fusion of modern and natural living, this duplex features spectacular forest vistas and wifi connectivity to instantly share your sunrise snaps. That’s one way to make all your followers jealous! 😉

Cinder Cone Treehouses (Skamania, Washington). Love the thought of wireless connection? Check out the portable chargers and powerbanks from Woodie. Image source:

Dreamy Airbnb wish-lister

Recently labelled as Airbnb’s #1 ‘Most Wished-For Listing’, this property is comprised of three separate cabins connected by suspension bridges. It’s attracted global attention and there is no question of why – it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Peter Bahouth (Atlanta, Georgia). Image source:

Crooked whimsical dwelling

There’s something quite witchy about this funky, lopsided home. Full of fantastical personality and right on the water, it’s a magical treehouse creation.

Steve Rondel (Redmond, Washington). Image source:

Sweet timber cabin

This one is also available to rent on Airbnb. It’s small, sweet and sturdy while still retaining that foresty feel with the tree growing right through the middle.

cabin - small - rent - tennessee - airbnb - treehouses
S & E. Leonard (Nashville, Tennessee). Got a brown thumb? Try artificial plants for freshness without the maintenance! Image source:

High-rise hobbit house

SunRay Kelley is known for his incredible and bizarre creations. His treehouse design for Suzanne Dege’ was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s wondrous wizardly world to satisfy the dreamer within.

sunray kelley - orcas island - hobbit - nature - wooden - treehouses
Sunray Kelley for Suzanne Dege’ (Orcas Island, Washington). Image source:

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