Top 5 Design Features of a Mid-Century Modern Interior

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With roots that can be traced back to over 80 years ago, the Mid-Century Modern interior style remains in the spotlight, even today. You can find it in the latest issues of your favourite interior design magazines and in the homes of famous celebrities like Leonardio di Caprio and Jenifer Aniston. (We sure wouldn’t mind stealing their style)! But what is it that makes Mid-Century style so popular? And what will it look like in 2021?

Let’s take a look…


Mid-Century Modern: Back to the Roots

The original Mid-Century Modern style was designed to be achievable for every person, with focus on functionality, elegance and simplicity. Furniture designer Hans Wegner (you may recognise him for his famous Elbow and Wishbone chairs), believed that a chair was not merely a piece of furniture, but a work of art designed to support the human form. 

With such prominence placed on both function and style, Hans Wegner’s chairs from the 1940s are still seen in the most enviable homes of today! This theme of functionality continues throughout Mid-Century Modern design, making it undeniably timeless and appealing.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Check out the strong and durable Hans Wegner Replica Wishbone Timber Chairs from Casabona.


Mid-Century for the 21st Century

Here are some common features of the Mid-Century Modern interior style you can easily master with a 2021 twist…

Dark Timber

When first planning out how to style your Mid-Century space, start with your big furniture items – such as the dining table, sideboard or bed head. 

Furniture pieces made from walnut timber and other types of dark wood can set a strong and timeless foundation for the aesthetic that will last for years to come. The deep, warm brown radiates an earthy, inviting feeling, making it perfect for your home!

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

The Oia Marble Round Dining Table in Walnut creates the perfect base for a Mid-Century aesthetic.


Pops of Colour

Don’t forget to offset the neutral palette and warm brown tones with some fun pops of colour! The aim of these colour combinations is to create a nice balance between earthy and vibrant.

Orange/ yellow with brown is a classic Mid-Century Modern colour palette. You can channel this look through a statement sofa or armchair if you’re brave! Or, for a more subtle approach, accessorize with orange/ yellow wall art and a colourful rug. Sense of warmth= unlocked! For a full guide on how to choose the perfect rug for your space, check out our blog post here.

Mid-Century Yellow Decorative Accents

A little touch of yellow can go a long way. Shop the Clean Lines Framed Canvas Print from A La Mode Studio and the Kerielle Faux Mohair Throw from Castle Road Interiors, online now at Zanui.

Shades of pink and brown are often used throughout Mid-Century spaces. You can create a calm, light-hearted atmosphere by adding some pink décor as little or as much as your heart desires!


Pink Mid-Century Modern decorative accents

Fun pops of pink have been incorporated into this space with the Marta Modern Rug from Rug Culture, the Floral Throw from Amalfi and the Quartet Canvas Print with Floating Frame from Art Republique. Shop the look at Zanui. 

If you’re going for a look that says ‘elegant’ and ‘sophisticated’, try teal, white and wood. Teal velvet makes for a rich, on-trend statement. Ensure that it’s matched with some gold accents and accessories for an absolutely stunning effect.  

Green velvet armchair

The Orion Velvet Armchair from our Zanui Collection is made from soft velvet and available in a range of stunning colours. Buy it now at Zanui.


Organic Shapes & Straight Lines

The Mid-Century Modern style reworks traditional furniture by juxtaposing curved, organic-shapes with clean, straight lines.

Mid-Century Modern Armchair

The Maxil Armchair from Castle Road Interiors features a unique retro shape that promotes relaxed, effortless comfort. You can sign up here to be notified when it is back in stock at Zanui.

This contrast can be seen in pieces like the iconic number 45 chair (Maxil Armchair) by Finn Juhl, which merges graceful, shapely arms with tapered legs. Hans Wegner’s Elbow Chair also follows this theme, with its sleek legs and rounded backrest.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Shop the Hans Wegner Elbow Set of 2 Dining Chairs from Casabona, online now at Zanui.

Organic-shaped mirrors are popular additions to Mid-Century Modern interiors, functioning as sculptural art that allows movement to flow through the space.

Mid-Century Modern Mirror

The Alivia Organic Form Metal Frame Mirror from Vida & Co. brings modern charm to the space with its irregular shape.


A Touch of Retro

Mid-Century loves a bit of a throwback, and so do we! Think geometric patterns, splashes of colour and vintage pieces. 

Mid-Century Modern Wall Art

Enrich your space with the playful shapes and bright colours of the Pero IO Sono Canvas Print with Floating Frame from Art Republique.


Inviting Nature Indoors

Huge glass windows and homes integrated with their surroundings are typical to Mid-Century design. You can execute this by decorating your space with plants, plants and more plants! Artificial plants work well if you’d prefer something more low-maintenance. Bringing a touch of nature indoors is a wonderful way to breathe life and colour into your space. 


Mid-Century Modern Home Office with Plants

Bring some low maintenance greenery into your Mid-Century Modern space with some artificial plants! Available online at Zanui.

Many styles come and go, but Mid-Century Modern promises to serve comfort, elegance and simplicity that will not fade. What do you love about Mid-Century Modern design? Let us know in the comments.


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