Top 3 Ways to Use Your Turkish Towel All Year Round


Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to put away your beautiful hamam towel! It’s as versatile as it is stylish…

Our must-have summer accessory is the lightweight feel of a lovely Turkish towel. Traditionally soft and airy, they’re perfect for stuffing into your bag for a quick beach trip.

But these towels don’t stop being practical when the summer months end. All year round, we love our Turkish towels. Here are our favourite alternative ways to use them.


Turkish towels are, most simply, a thin fabric towel commonly made from cotton.

Traditionally made for Turkish baths and called ‘pestemal’ or ‘hamam’ towels, they’re super lightweight and very absorbent. They’re often handmade and feature fringed, tasselled edges.

Turkish towels have gained popularity these last few years for taking to the beach, because they’re compact and dry easily (and they’re stylish as well).

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Turkish towels are perfect for picnics and lazy lunches in the sun, but don’t forget you can toss it over your dining table as a tablecloth, too!

If your table is looking a bit worse for wear and some friends have popped round for dinner, don’t fret. Dig that towel out of the linen closet and give your table a much-needed update.

The fact that these towels are usually styled for summer means that the designs are full of pattern and colour. And sometimes have sweet tassels for texture. Too cute.

Featured: Deniiz Peshtemal Turkish Towel from Time Tree Textiles, available on Zanui.


When the winter months set in, your summer towel doubles as a lightweight throw rug. Throws are used to serve two functions in our homes: to style, and to snuggle.

A Turkish towel is light enough that when you toss it over your sofa or armchair, it brings enough texture and pattern to complete your interior look with stylish flair.

And for cosying up on the couch? Yes, please. We love an extra layer, and Turkish towels won’t weigh you down while you’re trying to read or change the channel.

Featured: Basket Weave Peshtemal Turkish Towel from Time Tree Textiles, available on Zanui.


Ah, so you’re braving the cold and the wind and heading out of the house. Why not don your favourite Turkish towel as a wrap to keep you extra cosy?

Scarves are a winter wardrobe must-have – load up on the layers and don’t look back. Own those fringed edges. Strut your summer-style, whatever the weather.

The extra plus factor is that your Turkish towel is extra large. Large enough to be wrapped, puffed, and tucked any way you see fit.

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