8 Tips for Soup Party Success

Soup hero

Borscht. Broth. Bouillabaisse. Bisque. Whatever you call it, soup has been delivering flavour direct to our palate for centuries. Surely that deserves some kind of celebration!

Soup is as old as cooking itself (almost). It dates back to the arrival of watertight containers that could bear heat – that moment when clay vessels replaced animal hide and bark/reed basins – right back to 20,000BC. That’s pretty ancient.

Cook up a storm and then serve it up in stylish Donna Hay dinnerware. Image sources L to R: nonabrooklyn.com and adelaidenow.com.au

From traditional tomato soup to gazpacho and goulash, soup has a colourful cultural history. Whether egg-drop + bird’s nest soup are your bent or you’re more keen on beer soup (yes!) or clam chowder, a soup party is a veritable celebration of flavour with friends.

Here are 8 tips to creating a truly unique event.

Soup 1

Don’t hold back – more is more! Just ask Oliver (pictured below). Images sourced L to R: thekitchn.com and circusberry.com

Opt for variety’s spice

Select a range of complimentary soups. Pouring them yin-yang style into your soup bowls adds colour to your dinner spread.

Feeling a little lazy? Outsource the cooking – go potluck. Ask your guests to each bring a pot.

Campbells’ inspired decor – tealights and baby’s breath. Images sources L to R: newyorksocialdiary.com and circusberry.com

Brew it, bro

Start your soup-making a couple of days in advance. Soups taste better when they’ve had a chance to marinade (if you will).

All the carbs – so much yum! Image sources L to R: circusberry.com and pinterest.com

Break the bread

Add a bread to remember. Rustic baguettes ready to be torn are historically associated with soup and kinship. (Yep. It worked for old mate back in the day. You know Him.) But you can also use pumpkin, potato, pretzel or braided bread – challah is also delish.

Knock. Yourself. Out.

Pick and mix your flavours and colours for a vibrant spread: lobster bisque, Gordon Ramsay’s roasted tomato soup and broccoli soup. Then serve them up in Gordon Ramsay’s feisty range of servingware. Image sources L to R: clipperfishing.net, stephylicious.wordpress.com and theeightytwentyrule.com

Add recipe cards

Rather than simple labels, tag your soups with take-away recipe cards so your guests can try this at home.

Image sources L to R: circusberry.com and thekitchn.com.

Serve direct from the pot

Have your cauldrons bubbling away on the hearth (or the hotplate) and let your peoples self-serve. Sooooo bohemian. Over-do it in the portion department and freeze the left-overs. Don’t leave them wanting more…

That infamous hungry imp himself and some taco soup. Image sources L to R: pinterest.com and whatmelissaiscooking.blogspot.com.au

Bless the mess

Soup is about getting messy with it… Slurp it up. Slop it on your t-shirt (or blouse if you’re a bit more posh). Spray it on your splashback whilst you’re in the thick of it. Relish its physicality!

Add cheese toasties soldiers for elegant deliciousness! Or breadsticks. Then add culture – borscht! Image sources L to R: inspiredbycharm.com, whilechasingkids.com and thegunnysack.com

You want fries with that?

Upsize your order with sour cream, croutons, coriander, pecorino… This way your guests can customise their deliciousness.

Donna Hay dinnerware makes a super-cute way to serve up your soup party.

Keep sides simple

We’ve already talked about the carbs. Just add mixed leaves and a dash of balsamic vinaigrette for colour and you’re away.

Savoury lolly bags – images sourced from circusberry.com

Prepare a little lolly bag

Gift your guests with take-away soup mixes as a keepsake of the evening that they can use. How sweet is that!

That’s the lot. Souperb. We declare this kitchen open!

Featured images sourced L to R: weekendbeachretreat.com, marthastewart.com, funandnews.de, and donnahay.com.au.

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