How To Throw An Unforgettable Pool Party

How to throw an unforgettable pool party

It’s summertime and you’re excited to gather a few mates in the backyard for a barbecue and a bit of a splash. Here’s how to take it up a notch and throw an epic pool party that will impress all your guests (even if you don’t have a pool!).

Everyone loves a little fun in the pool (or relaxation by it!) and there’s no better chance to kick back than when the summer sun is out to play. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard, the odds are in your favour!

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If your backyard is on the grassy side, you can still throw an impressive pool party – sans pool. Get out the Slip ‘N Slide, inflatable pools and sprinklers.

Don’t let the lack of an in-ground pool stop you from setting up your own little water theme park 😉 Once your pool area is set, take it to the next level with these party must-haves.

Don’t shy away from the décor

A pool party is all about the fun energy in the space. Fill the backyard with everything bright, bubbly and inviting.

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For the modern day equivalent to beach balls, opt for huge floaties. Swans, flamingos and summer fruits are what your guests will be dying to take photos with.

Check out all the summer style trends here. Hang some lanterns and lights if your pool party will go on after dark and decorate the space with some outdoor cushions for added comfort.

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Make your guests feel at home

Make sure your outdoor setting caters for your guests – they’ll definitely want somewhere to sit! Sun lounges are always inviting while outdoor beanbags are perfect for a more casual feel.

Beach umbrellas, hammocks and gazebos will also transform your backyard into a summer haven.

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Your guests don’t want to be soaking after they get out of the pool. Invest in extra beach towels and flip-flops. If you feel like spoiling your guests, no one can go past a plush bathrobe!

Likewise, your guests will probably be running in and out of the bathroom. Make sure your powder room is welcoming with scented candles, a topped up soap dispenser and, of course, more towels.

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Provide fun snacks and colourful drinks

Let your guests help themselves to an esky of iced water and pretty up the tables with drink dispensers full of colourful and tasty concoctions. Find out which five recipes you should try out here.

How to throw an unforgettable pool party
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The pool party menu isn’t overly complicated. Order some pizzas or throw some skewers onto the barbecue.

It’s important that your food withstands being outdoors or can easily be packed away to avoid getting spoiled. You don’t want your guests staying up with a tummy ache!

Aside from the main meal, keep snacks within reach. Have bowls of fruit, lollies and chips passed around. Popcorn isn’t just for the cinema either!

How to throw an unforgettable pool party
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Don’t skimp on the entertainment

People want to do more than just stand around and talk at a party. Pool games are a hit with kids. And who are we kidding, adults love them too.

Anything inflatable is great for a competition in the pool plus they’re a cinch to pack away!

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Get the music going with some speakers and summer hits. Switch to your favourite radio station or let your self-allocated DJ take control. (Find out which party personality you are here!)

For an even better time, play some karaoke versions of all-time classics to get your guests making the music – Don’t Stop Believin’, anyone?

Capture pearly smiles with props and a Polaroid booth (but make sure it’s set up away from the water!). Your guests will be able to take a little bit of the day home with them 😉

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