The Resurgence of the Recliner: Relaxation is the New Chic


Often overlooked, the recliner is timelessly practical and versatile in style. From faux suede to leather upholsteries, to cup holders and USB ports, today’s recliners give you the Gold Class experience right in the comfort of your own home. 

Back in the day, recliners were often rather bulky and came in more old fashioned prints and designs, such as checkered patterns and dainty florals. You can say goodbye to the days of your nana’s archaic armchair and say hello to the trendy pieces that are the modern recliner. Get inspired by our range of stylish recliners that can become a beloved staple of your living room furniture.

Reclining Armchairs

Create your personal pocket of luxury and relaxation. Enjoy catching up on your latest binge worthy show-of-the-week, pizza in hand, stretched out on your very own recliner like Joey and Chandler.

The Jens Faux Leather Recliner gives contemporary flair to the classic reclining armchair. Upholstered in faux leather, the texture and appearance radiate luxe modernity. The dark colour options bring an instant modish edge to your living room. Drape a patterned throw over the back for an extra chic aesthetic.



If the leather aesthetic isn’t your thing, the Electra Upholstered Recliner Armchair is a great choice that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Upholstered with faux suede, this armchair provides a uniquely luxurious texture, with bonus stain resistance so you can have peace of mind with kids running amok. The webbing and thick padded s-ring cushions will make you want to sink into it for hours on end, snuggled up ready to switch on the tv with your pet after a long day.


The reclining armchair is a great piece of furniture that puts personal comfort and modish style as its main priority. Make it your individual sanctuary today!


Room for Two

Share plush practical comfort with a loved one by your side with our two seater recliner options! 

 The Klaus Upholstered 2 Seater Recliner Sofa is made for modern households with its innovative design and additional amenities. A strip of LED lights runs across the base, creating an instant ambiance for your weekend movie night. It features two cup holders on the armrests and a USB charging port on the side a definitively modern and useful take on the classic recliner.


Fancy a more quaint, vintage style for your two seater? Have fun with the unique versatility of the Mililani Reclining Sofa Bed with Ottoman. The subtle good look of the button tufting and polyester texture is perfect for those who prefer a more antique piece. There are three configurations so you can sit up, recline, or lay down and go to sleep. Unique to recliners, this one comes with an ottoman to elevate your feet. The ottoman can be used as a place for guests to sit, or even fold your favourite blanket on top.

Milani 1 Milani 2

Shop the Mililani Reclining Sofa Bed for contemporary comfort.

Shop the Mililani Reclining Sofa Bed for contemporary comfort.


Add unique practicality to your space with the Electra 3 Seater Upholstered Reclining Sofa. This piece has two recliners at either end and the middle can be used as a seat or conveniently configured to serve as a drink holder. Talk about comfort and versatility in one!

vol-impe-01 vol-impe-11_1

Double the stylish fun of the recliner with these two seaters which provide a voguish twist on the classic chair.


For when you have company

Want to accommodate having company in your living room? Then these reclining sofas and sets are perfect for you. With many different sizes and options, there is something to suit every different living space.

The modern L-Shape design of the Allison 5 Seater Leather Reclining Corner Sofa is ideal to create a trendy statement in your living room. Offering premium leather upholstery, you can experience a soft, decadent feel whilst giving your room a sleek contemporary look. The first-rate design features a reclining chair on both ends, a long, curving seat, and armrests to boot. Provide your living room with a sofa so indulgent it brings the experience of a Gold Class lounge home to you. Sink into the comfort of the chair or sprawl across the expanse of the middle seats, the choice is yours!

Alison5 seater

The Klaus Range from Rothbury home is another indulgent way to bring the cinema experience to your home. With coordinated sets of armchairs, 2 seater, and 3 seater recliners, you can immerse your living room in a cohesive, adaptable style. With lush fabric upholstery, a strip of LED lights, USB charging ports, and complete with cup holders, this set is ideal for movie fanatics and would also be the perfect addition to a home theatre or casual living room.

This set includes one armchair, one 2 seater sofa, and one 3 seater sofa for a complete look suitable for larger families.

This set includes one 2 seater sofa and one 3 seater sofa, giving generous seating for you and your friends.

This set includes one 3 seater sofa and two armchairs, great for the kids to stretch out on the sofa while the parents get a bit of relaxing personal space on the single seats.



There are so many recliner styles to accommodate families and guests alike. Recliner sets and large sofas give you a variety of configurations and seating options to suit your living room, adapting to your individual needs.

Revamp your home with a recliner

The recliner is a practical piece of furniture, great for full body relaxation, and comfort for people of all ages. It has evolved to cater to today’s aesthetics by using trendy materials, sleek colours, and cooler features. Let the floral eyesores in your grandma’s home be bygones and welcome the luxe allure of the modern day recliner. 

Check out our wide range of recliners to instantly enrich your home today. While you’re there, our living room furniture sale is on! Get amongst our great deals and redesign your entire living space!

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