6 Easy and Refreshing Summer Mocktails

summer drinks

The summer is a perfect time for relaxing outdoors with a cool drink. (Who doesn’t love a cocktail around the holidays?) But so frequently these are alcoholic drinks. Which is great for those that drink, but for teetotallers, mums-to-be, or kids it’s no good at all. So we’ve decided that it’s time for a master list of our favourite non-alcoholic summer drinks — the perfect summer mocktails.

Shirley Temple

red drink with lemon

The Shirley Temple is the quintessential mocktail, any time of the year. This is likely because it’s one of the simplest to make.

What you’ll need

  • Ginger ale
  • Grenadine
  • Maraschino cherries or a lemon

What to do:

All you need to do is grab a glass, add ice, add ginger ale, top up with grenadine, and finish with a maraschino cherry (or a lemon slice if you enjoy a bit of citrus with your drink). That’s how easy it is!

Waterme-lime Delight

cocktail on a bar

The most important thing about good summer mocktails is that they leave us feeling cool and relaxed, which is why we can’t ignore watermelon. Every summer we get the watermelon, slice it up, and dig in to one of the most refreshing fruits ever. But what if we told you that you could make it even better? No, we know. We wouldn’t believe us at first either. But really, watermelon slices are just the beginning.

What you’ll need:

  • Half a watermelon (seedless works best)
  • Two limes
  • A few sprigs of mint
  • Honey to sweeten (if you like, this isn’t needed)

What to do:

Slice up your watermelon into cubes and pop it into a blender until puréed. Juice your limes and purée both fruit juices into a jug with ice. Stir in the honey if you want it and add the mint leaves. When serving you can add a lime wedge to the edge of the glass if you like, or leave it unadorned for a simpler, classic look.

Virgin Citrus Margarita

citrus drink

A classic margarita is often served with either lemon or lime, depending on who your bartender is. Well, for this virgin margarita we’re stepping it up a bit. Not lemon or lime or even both. For this recipe we’re using lemons, limes, and blood oranges. Could it get any better?

What you’ll need:

  • Two lemons + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Two limes + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • One to two blood oranges, depending on your orange size, + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Soda water
  • Salt
  • A few sprigs of mint for garnishing

What to do:

First juice all your non-garnishing fruit. Then find a jug and fill it about a third to halfway with ice. Fill it with your soda water and juices, making sure it’s all mixed evenly. Then slice your garnishing fruit. You can use it on the edge of your glasses or to sit in the drink as decoration. Before serving, get a small plate and place some salt across it. Wet the rims of your glasses then place the glasses rims-down onto the salt-plate. This should result in all the glasses having a salted rim, just like a real margarita. Pour your drink in and enjoy!

Blueberry No-jito

Blueberry cocktail

A traditional mojito is a minty rum drink but our version is a whole new take on this classic.

What you’ll need:

  • One cup of fresh blueberries + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Two limes + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Lemon soda (Solo or Lift will work)
  • A few sprigs of mint + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Around two tablespoons of maple syrup

What to do:

Purée your non-garnishing blueberries in a blender, then pour them into a cocktail shaker if you have one. (If you don’t you can still use your blender, just make sure to keep it on a low setting.) Juice both your non-garnishing limes and add them to your blueberries. Also add in your mint leaves and maple syrup. Shake (or gently blend) up the mixture.

Grab two glasses, add ice and pour in the blueberry mixture. Top up each glass with your lemon soda and garnish with your desired fruits or just start enjoying your summer mocktails.

Lets Cant-elope

Mango peach smoothie

This drink may make you want to run away into the sunset it’s so easy and delicious.

What you’ll need:

  • One lime
  • One mango
  • Half a cantaloupe/rockmelon
  • One peach

What to do:

Cut your cantaloupe, mango, and peach into small cubes and juice the lime. Blitz it all into a blender until it’s completely combined and smoothed. Add ice to a glass and pour in the cantaloupe mixture. Could it be any easier?

Limey Piney Mint

Aloha Pineapple

The flavours of this are potent, which makes it one of the most unmissable summer mocktails you can try! Plus its vibrant green and gold colouring is perfect for celebrating Australiana!

What you’ll need:

  • One large, fresh pineapple
  • Three limes + extra for garnishing, if desired
  • A few sprigs of mint +extra for garnishing, if desired
  • Soda water, if desired

What to do:

Cut the rind off the pineapple and slice it into small-ish cubes and juice the non-garnishing limes. Put the pineapple and lime juice into a blender with the mint and gently blitz. Pour into glasses over ice and serve. If you want to use soda water, fill your glass about halfway with the fruit and top up with the soda water for a fizzy finish.


If you have your own amazing summer mocktails, let us know in the comments or on social media!

All original recipes (not the Shirley Temple, as this is a classic) come from the author, Paige Riddiford.


Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.