Late Summer Colours to Transition into Autumn 2019

Summer is in full swing, and we are feeling the heat! We love styling our home for the season, but we also need to prepare for the coming autumn. So we put together some summer colours to make that transition into autumn easy.

The colour scheme we’re loving for this season transition:

We love to plan out our summer interiors with a good colour-based mood board. For this look, we’re interested in transition colours that will work well in multiple seasons. For this late summer into early autumn mood board, we’re can’t stop thinking about a soft graphite; a fresh rose; a stunningly bright aqua; a dark, powder blue; and a cool mustard.

Colour board

What we love about these autumn/summer colours, is how they can all pop on their own, but also work well together. Those cooler colours will feel refreshing in the summer, but also offer those pops of colour we crave as we enter autumn, the season of colourful foliage.

Those graphite tones are the perfect base colour that will help you move not only from summer into autumn, but from autumn to winter, to spring, and around to summer again. So for this reason, it’s a good idea to consider it for your heavier furnishings that you don’t want to change too much, like your sofa.

Lisbet Cushion

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t give each of these colours equal weight in your home. If you can find matching pieces that come in a range of summer-to-autumn colours then we say go for it!

Blue tones are wonderful at complementing those whites that we love to see in summer. So if you love those crisp linens or a fresh dining arrangement, accent it with pops of colour that will not only set a trend in your home, but will personalise the space too.

Just like the way lighter tones help a space feel fresh, darker hues create a stunning contrast when paired with those whites that we can never give up. That’s why we love dark blues so much for this seasonal shift.

Image features the Brent Occasional Chair.

Image features the Brent Occasional Chair.

Not to mention, a dark blue complements the bright colours we love to see in summer, as well as the warmer tones of autumn. This versatility means darker blues can be a staple in your home, just like soft greys as they are ready to tackle the oncoming season.

Cammeray Quilt Cover Set

Warm, mustardy yellow. It can reflect the summer sun or the first discolouration of the autumn leaves. Some transition colours will work all year, and some really only work for some seasons. While we love to see yellow, those warm tones don’t always work well with the chill winter or fresh spring looks. So, we’re all about enjoying this colour while we can!

Willow Quilt Cover Set, Pineapple

The seasons change every three months, and the styles will change with them. But you can recycle the looks of seasons past. Keep an eye out for tones in your home that you feel might help you move fully into autumn, and eventually into winter! We’re betting cool frost tones will still hold all our hearts, come the cooler season. What do you think?

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.