Style Guide: How to Incorporate the Moroccan Bazaar Trend in Your Home

hudson dining chair

The Moroccan Bazaar trend might seem a bit, well, bizarre to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great way to style your home. And if you’ve never even heard of it, don’t stress — we’ve got you covered!

Header image features the Hudson Dining Chair.

This hot new trend combines elements of colours reflected in nature, geometric patterning, and luxurious fabrics. One combination of these concepts might be a leather chair accented with natural greenery and pops of blue, with a soft cotton rug underfoot, just like in the featured image.-

Focussing in on a specific style is a great way to turn your house of independent rooms into one cohesive home. Each room can retain its own energy while still feeling part of a whole.

General guides

Medina Canister

  1. The Moroccan Bazaar trend is all about nature. From brushed metals to exposed clay and plenty of soft cotton.
  2. Dark tones are welcome when accented with lighter ones. A navy pattern with a background of white and featuring a pop of yellow is an example of how you can mix and match the colours you love to make them fit into the Moroccan Bazaar trend.
  3. Keep the lighting low. It might not make a lot of sense at first, but you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and low or natural-looking lights are important in achieving this. Lean towards warm yellow lights, even candles when possible, and away from any harsh blue or white lighting.
  4. Plants-a-plenty. You may notice a theme here, but natural, living plants are pretty important. Plants that enjoy a warm climate are your friend. Things like banana trees in your outdoor will work well. If taking care of a living plant is not your thing, fake plants will always do the trick and will keep their green looks for longer.
  5. Don’t forget to look up. Drape fabrics above the head for an added look of luxury while still keeping to the style of a Moroccan Bazaar. We’re talking window curtains, bed curtains, door curtains. Curtains galore!
  6. Remember your nose. Candles featuring spices like cinnamon and nutmeg make a home smell warm and inviting and certainly on-trend. (Not to mention delicious.)

The Bedroom

Marrakesh Bed Head, Black

Your bedroom is your private retreat, a comfy and cosy place for you to rest and relax, and your styling can reflect this.

Plenty of cushions and pillows will always scream comfort. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a layered look — round cushions, breakfast cushions, big cushions, small cushions. The more the better.

Ideally your colour palette will involve a lot of jewel tones and warm hues — purples, reds, oranges, pinks — but, understandably, this can be quite overwhelming and, at times, even a little distracting, especially when you’re trying to read or wind down.

Stay on trend by contrasting crisp white geometric or concentric patterns with solid, darker colours, such as navy blue and black. These will help bring the Moroccan Bazaar look into your bedroom and still allow your senses to relax.

As for the bed, this is the focal point of the room and should be treated as such. A bold patterned headboard will make a statement to bring out the style of your room. If you’re looking for something more indulgent, however, you can’t go past a four-poster bed. They’re not just for classic European-styled bedrooms. Add thick velvety curtains to the bed and your bedroom is now an oasis in an oasis.

For a finishing touch, make sure that your bedding complements your bed frame. A Moroccan-styled bed frame could be accented by warm peach or bold navy colours. For an in-depth walk through, don’t miss our handy guide.

The Bathroom


Waffle Towel, Denim

When you walk into your bathroom, you’ll probably be longing for those big fluffy towels and bathmats, which is a great way to incorporate the Moroccan Bazaar trend. These variances and contrasts in textures (soft linens, hard tiles) can be mirrored in your colouring of the room.

But where the bedroom is relaxing in warm tones, the bathroom is relaxing in cool ones. Cerulean blues contrasted with crisp whites offer an almost spa-like aura to your bathroom.

This can be achieved with coloured mosaic tiles or, more easily, with clever accessories. Geometric canisters painted in bright colours and intricate patterns are a way to style your room with your own personal touches. Plus, they’re functional. You can store everything from toothbrushes to soaps to bath bombs in these kinds of jars.

Textured accessories are great too, things like wicker clothes baskets and wooden stools add elements of nature to your bathroom, and some reed diffusers for an engaging scent easily embrace this element of the Moroccan Bazaar theme.

The Kitchen and Dining Room

Elemental 16-Piece Cutlery Set, Gold

These are big rooms in the home that typically see a lot of traffic, and should be one of the main focal points for your home’s aesthetic, making them a great place to showcase the Moroccan Bazaar trend.

In styling your kitchen and dining spaces, this is one of the times to really use the warmer tones of the style. These rooms are places where families and friends gather so bold colours won’t feel out of place here.

This is an opportunity to be brave with your colouring and try out some bright gold cutlery. Pair this with natural wood and tan colouring to bring the room together.


North Cushion

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, there’s no reason you shouldn’t incorporate the Moroccan theme there too.

Brightly coloured and patterned cushions are always great in the Moroccan Bazaar look, but they can be practical too. Weather-proof cushions and a comfy blanket will never go out of style and can be a great way to have some fun with this trend outside.

Don’t feel pressured to go all out to embrace this trend if your outdoors is a more relaxed environment. Some wicker loungers, a jute and weather-friendly rug, and even a hammock can all keep your home feeling cohesive without sacrificing your personal lifestyle.

Living Room

Jama Cushion

Along with the kitchen and dining room, the living room is the other big room in the house that typically sees the most foot traffic.

Moroccan-inspired interiors are brilliant in patterns and colours, but simplistic in terms of furniture. Opt for sofas and coffee tables that are low to the ground.  If you want to play with height in your living room, try out a bold artwork featuring pops of colour to then use in your accent cushions.

To keep things in theme, furniture like ottomans can keep a room grounded without feeling too heavy. Even bean bags can work, especially if you live with younger ones who enjoy lounging on a comfy and fun seat.

Drape tasselled throws and plenty of cushions over soft leather lounges and rattan chairs to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

Just like the kitchen and dining areas, this is a place of warmth. This means steering towards the warmer colours of this trend such as tan and terracotta. Add life to the space with potted plants, preferably with an on-theme pot. Brushed metal or clay pots can be ideal in this space.

Finish the living room with textures and patterns. Fringed cotton and geometric cushions can bring a room together. Complete the space with a bold rug that complements the Moroccan Bazaar trend.

These techniques are some of the ways you could try to bring the Moroccan Bazaar to life in your home. For more ideas, have a look at the entire Moroccan Bazaar range available at Zanui..

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.