Style Guide: Evergreen Romantic Floral Interiors


Sometimes a little softness is called for in our interior styles. So why not turn to the always-pretty romantic floral look. The delicate tones and with dark, romantic hues or this style can create an evergreen interior look.

Romantic floral homes are about more than just flowers. But it’d be crazy if it didn’t have any flower accents at all! So let’s start there as we delved into this interior trend.

Putting the Flowers in Romantic Floral

There are plenty of ways to decorate your home in flowers. Bed sheets and quilt covers are a classic. So too are artworks. And who could forget floral accents on our teacups and cake stands?

New Country Roses White Vintage 3-Tier Cake Stand

These flower accents are often rather delicate touches. They embrace traditional good looks. There’s an organic movement to these images. They seem like something a Jane Austen heroine would be likely to enjoy.

A lot of these softer touches rest on white, or at least pastel, backgrounds. This serves to enhance the vintage elements from which this trend emerges.

Drawing out Floral Tones

Mineralogy Quilt Cover Set

There are other options of this trend, of course. One of them is attempting to draw out the colouring of flowers into your interiors without depicting flowers themselves. This is ideal for those who long for a more subtle touch in their interiors. This is where the romance of the romantic floral trend comes in.

Embrace the softer tones of the colour palette. Greys and pinks are a staple, but you can expand and look at sky blues and even organic green tones. Or better yet, you can test out a darker shade of décor.

Creating a Dark Palette

L&M home

We might not always associate decadent dark tones with a romantic floral interior. But the soft tones of flowers have an excellent ability to pop on darker shades. This aspect is part of what makes the romantic floral style so versatile.

We may get caught up and think that floral means feminine. And while that isn’t always true, it can be a lot easier for masculine stylists to get comfortable with floral interiors when the background is a bold black. Plus, darker tones are a great way to step into the romantic element of this style. Light some floral scented candles and lean back on a dark velvety sofa and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to some setting from a romance novel.

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Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.