Spring Interior Trends: Our Top Picks for 2018

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We love Spring at Zanui, so we’re very excited to show you our top Spring interior trends for 2018! Our buyers have carefully curated a selection of gorgeous pieces from across our range, and have put together a Spring 2018 Trend Guide to help you refresh your space this season.

Spring is an in-between time of year. The winter chill leaves the air, but it’s not quite summer yet either, so there can still be a few lingering cold days. That’s why it’s important to have furniture and decorative accents in your home that will transition well across all the seasons. Each spring interior trend we’ve listed below does just that.

Take a look!

Hint: there are no florals in sight.

Featured image: Arnav Vase, Tall & Arnav Vase, Short; Mahiya Vase; Noosa Table Lamp (Set of 2); Barbados Wall Mirror (Set of 2), Caicos Entertainment Unit, all from Amalfi. 


Rattan Furniture

spring interior trend 2018 rattan furniture

Behold, the natural beauty of rattan furniture! Shop the Jardine Armchair and the Jardine Side Table (Set of 2) from Amalfi, online now at Zanui.

What is it?

There is often some confusion between rattan and wicker, and the two terms are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably. Rattan is actually a fast-growing climbing palm, commonly found in tropical regions like south-east Asia, while wicker is a sort of weaving technique.

Rattan is very strong and solid, so furniture made of this natural material is usually extremely tough and can safely bear weight where necessary. It’s also incredibly lightweight, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for furniture you can move around to make space at a moment’s notice!


How to use it:

The material definitely has a very laidback, earthy feel to it that evokes a Balinese vibe – perfect for Spring and Summer! So of course rattan furniture pieces are great for creating a tropical, coastal, Hamptons, or colonial-inspired feel in your home.

rattan dining chairs

Rattan isn’t just for tropical spaces! Shop the Greenface Rattan Dining Chair from Nova Solo online now at Zanui.

But the natural beauty of rattan can be used to enhance almost any space. A piece of rattan furniture can add instant softness to a contemporary or French provincial living room, creating a warm and welcoming feel.

A rattan occasional chair, a set of rattan dining chairs, or even a rattan coffee table are all classic choices for working the material into your home. If you’re worried about the material being too hard to sit on, you can always add a seat cushion or throw pillow for a little extra comfort.

Top picks:

rattan furniture

From left: Tobago Occasional Chair from Amalfi; Maia Coffee Table from Stoneleigh & Roberson; Jawit Dining Chair from Stoneleigh & Roberson

Planters & Woven Baskets

spring interior trend 2018 woven natural fibre baskets zanui home

Baskets galore! Shop these exclusive Zanui HOME baskets online now at Zanui.

What are they?

Woven baskets are typically made of natural fibres like jute, seagrass, and water hyacinth. Many are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional weaving methods, and so are often one-of-a-kind. They come in many shapes and sizes and offer a wealth of storage and display potential (more on that below!).

Planters are pretty self-explanatory: they’re for housing your plants! Indoor greenery has been on-trend in interior design for a while now. That’s partly because plants bring a natural beauty and a kind of freshness to your home that really can’t be achieved with anything else. This design trend doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon, so a planter is definitely a good long-term investment. And Spring is the perfect time to think about bringing some greenery into your interiors!


How to use them:

Woven baskets are so, so versatile. Depending on their size, they can make great laundry hampers or storage baskets for children’s toys, cosy little houses for potted plants, or even convenient side tables!

water hyacinth woven natural fibre basket

Basket or side table? Why not both! Shop the Scout Basket (Set of 3) from Zanui HOME, exclusive to Zanui.

Natural fibre baskets add texture and instant warmth to your décor, and their neutrality means they can be used almost anywhere. From a few woven storage baskets in a storage unit, to a wicker laundry hamper in your bedroom, there’s endless potential for these pieces. They can even be upturned and used as a side table or coffee table for a really unique look.

crochet cotton basket

Shop these gorgeous Crochet Cotton Baskets from Aura by Tracie Ellis online now at Zanui.

While planters might not have as many uses as woven baskets, they still offer a great deal of display potential.

Smaller pots are great for creating a centrepiece atop your dining table or just adding a bit of freshness to a coffee table. Hanging planters are ideal if you’re limited for space, or just want to add a little bit of dimension and depth to your indoor plant display.

Amalfi Planter Pot Zanui

Planter perfection! Shop the Canyon Planter Pot (Set of 2) and the Sanctuary Planter Pot on Stand (Set of 4) from Amalfi, online now at Zanui.

Larger planters and pots that come with stands are perfect for framing a space. Place one or even a small cluster in your entryway to frame your doorway, in your living room to bookend an entertainment unit or sofa, or in your hallway to refresh an often dull space.

Top picks:


planter pots Zanui

From left: Shop the Oasis Planter Pot on Stand, White from Amalfi; the Hudson Pot with Stand from Zanui HOME; and the Heal Planter Pot on Stand (Set of 2) from Amalfi.


woven natural fibre baskets Zanui

From left: Shop the Jamie Basket (Set of 3) from Zanui Home; the Phoenix Jute Basket (Set of 3) from Village by T.H; and the Jaxon Water Hyacinth Hamper from Second Nature.

Flatwoven Rugs

spring interior trends 2018 flatwoven rug rug culture zanui

Shop the Emmett Modern Rug from Rug Culture online now at Zanui.

What are they?

Flatwoven rugs are low on pile, but high on style! They’re often made of natural materials like wool, cotton, and jute, but can also be made of PET plastic or other synthetic materials, particularly in the case of outdoor rugs.

These rugs are typically non-shed and are very low-maintenance – perfect if you just want to lay your rug down and forget about it! They pose far less of a trip hazard than higher pile rugs, too. They’re a great choice for family homes (and those with pets!) because of how durable and affordable they can be.


How to use them:

A flatwoven rug can be displayed almost anywhere in the home, from the living room to your child’s playroom. They can also be placed easily under furniture and doorways in ways that plush rugs can’t be (because the weight of furniture would crush the pile).

flatwoven indoor outdoor rug zanui

Flatwoven rugs can slip effortlessly beneath your furniture. Shop the Lighthouse Indoor Outdoor Rug from Dash & Albert online at Zanui.

While shag rugs or heavy wool rugs can feel more like winter accessories, flatwoven rugs transition beautifully from season to season. They’re the perfect choice if you’re the type to update your interior style as the trends or your tastes change.

They come in so many different colours and patterns, so when you’re choosing a flatwoven rug, all it really comes down to is your personal style choice and your spatial needs.

Top picks:

flatwoven rugs Zanui

From left: Shop the Sabralo Modern Rug from Rug Culture; the Burken Wool Rug, Multi from Rug Culture; the Viletcher Wool Rug from Rug Culture; and the Diamond Autumn Indoor Outdoor Rug from Dash & Albert.

Round Mirrors

spring interior trends 2018 round mirrors round gold wall mirror

With its slim frame and sleek appearance, the Coralie Round Wall Mirror, Champagne from Castle Road Interiors is the perfect feature piece for your walls. Shop online now at Zanui.

What are they?

This one needs no explanation – these are, of course, mirrors that are round! They can be your classic round-framed mirror, or something a little more ornate and flashy. As long as they’re symmetrical, we’ll classify them as round.


How to use them:

Round mirrors are like functional pieces of wall art. They’re classically beautiful but they also serve a greater purpose than just looking beautiful. Not only can you look at your reflection in them, the mirrored surface bounces light around your room, making your space appear larger and brighter – perfect for less roomy parts of your home.

round mirror console table

You can’t go wrong with a round mirror above a console table! Shop the Trina Round Mirror, 60cm from Oak & Ash online at Zanui.

Because they’re symmetrical, they’re also great for balancing your interior layout. You can hang a round mirror above a sofa in your living room, for example, and work the rest of your floor-plan around that.

A round mirror above a console table in your foyer or living room makes a style statement in any home. They’re also great for bathrooms, bedrooms – really, anywhere there’s a blank wall that you want to make prettier, a round mirror is a good way to go!

Top picks:

round mirrors zanui

From left: Shop the Astelle Round Mirror, Oak from Zanui HOME; the Haven Bamboo Wall Mirror from Ecology; and the Kaiya Round Wall Mirror from Amalfi

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