Sofa Style-off: Asian-fusion v Mod-chic

Sofa Style-off - Asian vs Contemporary 4

The peoples who know about the interior design (Hi James!) are always telling us that classic furniture is an investment for the long term. Timeless designs are infinitely adaptable. You only need to change-up your décor accents to completely rework your look.

We put this theory to the test* in this week’s sofa style-off. Check out these two diverse living room aesthetics, both starring the Zanui Tilde 3 Seater Modular Lounge.

*Like Mrs Marsh did with Colgate: “Like liquid gets into chalk…” No?

Mod-chic styled by Zanui featuring the Tilde 3 Seater Modular Lounge…

Mod-chic courtesy of the Zanui style-savants

This super-snug mod space is extremely liveable. It’s a little bit rustic, a little bit minimalist meets amped-up Scandi. It gets all the love as far as we’re concerned. This is the kind of space we can relax in! Great for families, peeps with pets or sassy singles.

  • A word or two about this delicious modular loungeOur Tilde is soooo comfy. To be perfectly frank, we’re considering climbing into this pic right now to have a wee lie-down.
    She’s a little bit moody and she knows how to work the monochrome, making her polylinen blend much kinder on stains. (Bless her!) With her extended lounge, she’s just perfect for home-cinema or slipping between the pages of your new fave novel. Yum!
  • Classic palette w/ statement yellow: Grey to black + white paired with blonde woods is a chromatic combo that just doesn’t get tired. And these bright yellow accents are a little bit to-die-for without being overwhelming. Working with a neutral base, is a great way to experiment with colour. You can add in and take away easily!
Sofa Style-off - Asian vs Contemporary 8

From left: Xavier & Me Chevron Cushion, One Duck Two Link Black Cushion, Xavier & Me Eclipse II Cushion, FAB Rugs Laguna Round Ottoman, and United Artworks Sogno D’Oro Canvas Print, available online at Zanui

The Maize Cushion adds a pop of red to the Asian Fusion look styled by James Treble.

Asian Fusion styled by James Treble

We love the OTT-look of Chinoiserie. But introducing subtle nuances is also totally achievable! Enter James Treble. Style Maestro. Our Tilde Lounge sets the scene for this sleek and chic Eastern aesthetic.

  • Work the red: In Chinese culture, red is associated with fire – it symbolises good fortune and joy. (Think red lacquered front doors, red Chinese lanterns, red New Year’s dragons…) Here the Maize Cushion adds ori-chic patterns in this brazen hue. The Ruby Ceramic Candle Stands tell the same story, complete with crackle glaze for vintage accents. 
  • Tonal opposition in teal ups the ante: The Teal Digital Art Print and the Mornington Floor Cushion create dynamic colour contrast.

Americanflat Peace Print Art, Fin & Ivy Teal Portrait Digital Art Print, j.elliot HOME Mornington Floor Cushion, One Duck Two Dancing Peacock Cushion and Americanflat Longevity Print Art, available online at Zanui.

  •  Chinese characters add decorative flourishes: Chinese calligraphy is revered for its artistry. As such, the Peace and Longevity Print Art create evocative wall art. Likewise the Asian Symbol bookends add carved timber-look character.
  • Floral flourishes all the way: fresh, artificial and dried floral accents are an easy win, from wall art to tea sets, sprigs of cherry blossom or sculptural branches. Select canvas prints or get your DIY on – frame patterns you love for your own unique style.

Find your fave chinoiserie-style wallpapers and create your own wall art for inspired decor.

And that’s a wrap!!! Phew! So much pretty. We need a nap. Now where is that Tilde Lounge… 🙂

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