The Right Scented Candle for Every Room

the right candle for every room

Candles help set the tone of a space. They can bring intimacy to a romantic dinner, or calming vibes to a relaxing bubble bath. Candle fragrance, in particular, plays a huge role in this, so choosing the right candle for the right room is important. 

There are some fragrances that just won’t work in certain spaces. A bathroom that smells like cinnamon will probably seem a little strange, for instance.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy little guide to help you choose the perfect candle for your space, wherever that space might be.

A Candle for the Entryway & Hallway

Let’s start at the very front of your home. A candle placed right in the foyer can make your place feel super welcoming to guests. If you’ve got a console table in your foyer, why not adorn it with a nice candle?

Though you really have room to experiment here, we recommend you choose warm, enticing scents like vanilla or caramel. These sweet, classic scents will instantly make anyone who steps over your threshold feel more at home!

Our top pick: French Vanilla Mini Candle from Palm Beach Collection

A Candle for the Living Room

candle for the living room

This is often the largest room in any home so, like in the entryway, you have some breadth to experiment with fragrances here. Scents that might be overpowering in smaller spaces are best used here. If you have a candle fragrance you love, but find that it’s too strong for your bedroom for instance, you might like to use it in your living room instead.

You could choose fruity scents like coconut and lime or even passionfruit for your living room. These are particularly great in summertime! Fresh, beachy fragrances like frangipani and linen will do wonders to making your living room feel even more open and spacious.

Another option here might be gourmand fragrances – that is, those candles that feature edible notes like honey, cinnamon, or even chocolate. Vanilla and caramel will work well too!

Our top pick: Fresh Linen Soy Wax Candle in Mason Jar from Inartisan

A Candle for the Dining Room

candle for the dining room

You have to be careful in here, as you don’t want your candle fragrance to clash with the aromas and flavours of your meal. In fact, it’s probably not a good idea to have scented candles burning while you’re actually dining in here.

For romantic candlelit dinners, choose fragrance-free taper candles. These will provide the intimacy you’re after, without the potentially distracting scent.

Perhaps before a meal you might try a gourmand fragrance to set the tone. You could try something fresher after meals to eliminate any lingering smells, like champagne or citrus.

Truthfully, though, perhaps a spritz of room spray might be best for the dining room.

Our top pick: Home Perfume from Plantes & Parfums

A Candle for the Kitchen

candle for the kitchen

Like the dining room, you don’t want something here that’s going to clash with the aromas of your cooking. You do, however, want something that’s going to help combat those potentially unpleasant smells that sometimes linger in the kitchen.

Opt for something citrus-y and fresh, like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or a combination of those. Note how most household cleaners have a citrus-y scent – this is why! They help to mask unpleasant smells and get rid of any lingering scents from cooking.

Our top pick: Lemongrass Mini Candle from Palm Beach Collection

A Candle for the Bathroom

candle for the bathroom

Also prone to unpleasant smells, the bathroom is another place where citrus-scented candles will work well. Ocean and marine-inspired scents also work great and can help to keep the space smelling fresh and clean.

If you’re having a therapeutic bath, however, you might want to choose more relaxing scents like lavender that will help soothe you.

The bathroom is usually quite small, so remember not to choose a super overpowering smell. Additionally, if you want the scent to remain, a reed diffuser might be a better choice than a candle. These are also great for draught-prone areas.

Our top pick: Pomegranate Soy Wax Candle in Mason Jar from Inartisan

A Candle for the Bedroom

candle for the bedroom

Generally you’ll want relaxing vibes in your bedroom, and this is the place you’ll do most of your relaxing! We recommend you go for the classic floral scents like lavender, rose, peony, and gardenia. If it reminds you of your grandmother’s bedroom, it’s because she was on to something!

Aromatherapy-type fragrances like sandalwood, jasmine, ylang yland, and even peppermint are also great choices for the bedroom.

However, this is your space. How you choose to fragrance it is entirely up to you. (Unless your partner doesn’t like your choice of candle scents, then maybe you might have to find a compromise…)

Our top pick: Lavender Harvest Handcrafted Candle from Plantes & Parfums


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