Reorganise Your Wardrobe to Store Everything


The seasons change and we buy new clothes. It happens every time. And now that the weather is getting warmer, that means more summer clothes — more shorts, sun dresses, t-shirts, and plenty of other choices. But if your wardrobe is already bulging at the seams, this might seem like a cause for stress. Where are you going store those new clothes? It’s simple. You just have to make room.

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Get rid of what you can

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First things first, you need to go through your existing wardrobe and give it a good hard look. Do you still wear that T-shirt from that high school event? What about those socks that have totally lost all elasticity? Anything that is looking a little too threadbare can go in the bin.

‘But what about this really nice shirt that I’ve never worn but it’s so soft and I’ll definitely wear it next winter?’

No you won’t. Well you might, and if you really will, keep it. If you’re just making excuses, donate it. There are plenty of places to donate clothes that you don’t wear and you’ll feel better for helping others.

You can even donate to your furred friends to help them stay stylish.

Sort it out

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Now that you’ve made a bit of room, it’s time to sort what remains. This could mean sorting by colour or material, but one of the best ways to sort is by event or season. A colour-coordinated wardrobe might look insta-worthy, but organising by ‘hot clothes’ and ‘cold clothes’ or ‘fancy clothes’ and ‘everyday clothes’ is a lot more functional.

This technique won’t actually give you more space but it’ll help you realise what you have. By organising in terms of function, you’ll be able to plainly see how many jeans or cardigans you have, so you know to not buy any more. Plus if you store your clothes this way, it can make getting ready much easier.

Put that away!

Blanket Box, Weathered Oak

One of the best ways to save space in your closet is to put all the stuff you don’t need (that is, all your winter clothes during the summer months) into their own storage space. This could mean anything from a suitcase to a plastic tub. Once you’ve set aside and contained all the clothes you won’t be needing, finding a space for them should be easy. If you have built-ins in your home, you might have an empty space above the hanging section. This space is often going to waste, but not if you use it to store your out of season clothes!

If you don’t have that option, an attractive trunk will add a vintage touch to the space for added style and storage! Place it at the end of the bed for an extra seat in your bedroom and voila! Stylish storage! If you have the space in your wardrobe but you still like the look of the end of bed storage, these trunks also make a great solution for extra blankets! You can never have too much storage.

Use every corner of the space

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There are plenty of tips on how to use every available space you have, from using soda tabs to be able to hang multiple clothes hangers from one spot, to turning your bed into a loft high above so you can store some chests of drawers underneath.

This isn’t always a great idea, especially if the idea of climbing a ladder every morning and night doesn’t appeal to you. There are more reasonable ways to utilise the space. If you have the space under your bed already, a flat surface like a serving tray, a picture frame, or any other flat surface with non-scratch pads or wheels on the bottom attached can be a clever space-saving solution that isn’t overly complicated.

Another under-used space is the backs of doors. A hanging shoe rack could be your new best friend if you need some extra storage space. Bonus —  neither of these shoe storage hacks (which could of course be used for other things as well) require big constructions, so they’re perfect for renters or the inexperienced DIY-ers!

Divide and conquer

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Within your existing drawer spaces, dividers to separate sections can work like a charm. There’s no need for your socks to have their own drawer, just because you don’t want them getting all mixed up with your undies! If one drawer is enough to store two types of items, like socks and underwear or scarves and beanies, drawer dividers can keep things organised yet compact.

Opt for all-in-one

Nadi Dressing Table

If you have a piece of furniture that’s doing two jobs at once, you’ve found yourself another space-saving hack! This could be anything from a comfy ottoman/bed end with storage under the seat to a proper dressing table.

A dressing table might not seem like it’s saving you a lot of space, but it could in the end. It’s a product that forces you to store all your getting-ready belongings — make up, jewellery, accessories — together in one space. It can even include a mirror which could free up some wall space for extra hooks and shelves!

Buy the right storage for you


If you have the opportunity to buy a new piece of furniture to store your clothes and shoes, don’t choose one just because it looks good — make sure it works for you and your storage needs. Make sure it has plenty of room for your belongings. That’s what storage is all about! If you buy the type that lets you display your clothes or shoes, like the shoe rack above, that gives you the opportunity to prioritise certain footwear and leave the rest in harder to access storage. Keep what you need nearby within easy access, and the rest can go into storage.

Now that you’ve organised like crazy and made sure that everything has a proper home, you’re ready for the new season! Just remember to not buy too much new stuff… ??

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.