Reinvigorate your flooring with Rug Culture


Looking to liven up your space? A good rug can add vibrance and charm to your floorboards and Rug Culture’s latest pieces are no exception. Their beautifully crafted rugs come in many shapes and sizes, suited to a wide range of floor spaces. Let us take you through some of the rug styles they have to offer, and how they can instantly spruce up your home.


#1 Turkish Rugs

Turkish Rugs provide intricate and complex designs to fancify any living space. These have been power loomed in Turkey, so they are never short on stylistic detail. Turkish rugs are distinct for their medallion, floral, and botanical patterns that work seamlessly with antique interiors.

Mihah Turkish Runner Rug

This rug exudes beauty- living up to its range name, Radiance. This rug offers a stunning blue and gold botanical and medallion motif to add intricate charm to any interior. Runner rugs are long, narrow, and rectangular, making them perfect for a bare entryway, hallway, foyer, or any thin stretch of flooring that needs to be revamped. Place this piece at your front entrance for an impressive, regal look to impress your guests.

 lifestyle image of the Mihah Runner Rug

Niham Turkish Bordered Rug

The enchanting, grand looks of this rug will not go unnoticed in your home. This piece makes good use of its borders which provide a dark, floral and medallion contrast to its centre. This rug is ideal for central placement in large, common areas in your home such as your living room or dining space for an instantly enriched appearance.

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#2 Coastal Rugs

The beauty of coastal rugs lie within their natural materials and colours that evoke summer vibes. Materials such as braided jute and neutral, sand colours with an occasional blue or white accent are just some of the effortlessly stunning characteristics of coastal rugs. They easily imbue beach aesthetics in the comfort of your home.

 Torpoint Chunky Weave Jute Runner Rug, Natural

Jute is a vegetable fibre mostly grown in tropical countries like India and Bangladesh, which is then spun into a resilient yarn. It is a sought-after material for a reason- its natural colour and intricate texture evokes instant coastal and Hamptons vibes in your home. Signal laidback, summertime aesthetics from your front door. 

Photo of the Torpoint Chunky Weave Jute Runner Rug, Natural.


Gale Jute Oval Rug

This smooth oval shaped rug brings to life the essence of laidback, coastal charm. Featuring a white stripe, this is the kind of subtle accent that adds extra style and coastal charm to your space. Its smaller shape makes it compatible for easy lightening of areas in your interior, such as a reading nook. Place your favourite rattan or white chair on top to create a classic coastal feature.

Photo of the Gale Jute Oval Rug


#3 Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are diverse and versatile in colour, texture and design. No two will really look the same- many have different qualities to offer! Departing from traditional rugs, these often have vibrant designs, plenty of colour options, interesting textures, or more warmth. 

Pilen Shag Rug

This shag rug will warm up your space in stylish fashion. It comes in a variety of colours and shades to create a modern edge in your interiors. Shag polyester exudes softness; use this rug in your bedroom or living room for a unique, cosy fixture.

Photo of the Pilen Shag Rug

pilen lifestyle

Estoke Modern Rug

Abstract vibrancy is what makes the Estoke Modern Rug a favourite. The watercolour artistry creates intrigue and interest in your interior. Place it in the centre of your favourite monochromatic, neutral coloured furniture for a stunning accent. 

Photo of the Estoke Modern Rug


A rug that matches your interior style can be the key element to tie any room together. Here at Zanui, we strive to accommodate a variety of interior styles and sizes through our wide range of rugs on offer. Turkish, coastal, or modern styles are just a few that Rug Culture have so you can breathe life and personality onto your bare floors.


Karina is a content writer for Zanui based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UTS with a degree in Communications majoring in Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys braving various weather conditions for a long walk, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.