8 Reasons We Love Artificial Plants & Flowers

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Real plants can be fuss pots (pun intended). It can be tricky to keep them happy–even ones that are meant to be low-maintenance (here’s looking at you my echeveria). But artificial plants are super easy to care for, so easy in fact that you don’t even have to care for them at all! 

Ever chopped off all your hair because it was too hard to maintain? Then you already know the relief—the weight off your shoulders—that comes with making the switch from real to faux plants. 

If you’re still wondering whether or not to go faux, check out these eight great reasons we’re sure you’ll love artificial plants and flowers!

1. Artificial plants have all the beauty of real plants, but need none of the maintenance

If you find the idea of having to remember to water, prune and fertilise; of having to repot down the line; or of having to watch how much sunlight your plants get each day daunting, then artificial plants are definitely for you!

That’s because artificial plants require NONE of that upkeep. That’s a dream for those of us who can apparently kill a plant just by looking at it.

2. They’ll be faux-rever young and beautiful

Their leaves won’t droop, wilt, dry out or turn yellow. They’ll never grow roots above ground. Their stems won’t become leggy or stretched. They won’t lean to one side or bend over. Artificial flowers won’t lose their petals or start to smell after a week.

You won’t ever have to ask yourself “what’s wrong with my plant?!”

With a little dusting now and then, your faux plants and flowers will forever be as beautiful as the day you bought them.

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3. They’re always in season

Most plants are at their best in the spring/summer growing season. They might lose their leaves or petals or even start to look a little sad if the weather gets too cold. Many don’t require much watering in winter, which can be a cause of distress for plant novices (such as myself) who think their plants are going to die from being underwatered.

Faux plants, on the other hand, are always in season. Their blooms are beautiful all year round. Their leaves are green and lush 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

And there’s no chance of them dying as a result of being over or underwatered in winter, either.

4. They won’t attract pests

Mealybugs, gnats, spider mites, aphids—*shivers*.

Seeing any kind of creepy crawly making itself at home on your beloved house plant can make your skin crawl!

Luckily, there’s nothing nutritious or delicious about artificial plants so they won’t attract any pests. The soil isn’t even real so even the larvae won’t bother you.

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5. They’re safe for the whole family

Did you know that some of the most common house plants are actually toxic to dogs and cats? ZZ Gems, Strelitzia, Aloe, Lilies and even Monstera can all be harmful to pets if accidentally ingested.

Thankfully, if your furry best friend should decide to chew on any part of your artificial plant, they won’t be at risk of being poisoned.

Though, we strongly recommend giving your fur babies a boop on the snoot if they try to take a bite out of your faux babies.

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6. You can put them literally anywhere

You may find you can only place certain plants in specific areas of your home in order to keep them happy. They might require certain amounts of direct or indirect sunlight that can only be achieved in one room of your home. They can be sensitive to humidity or cold, which means you might even have to adjust the temperature of your own home just to suit them!

There are no such limitations on where you can and can’t place an artificial plant!

You can put them in places that the sun doesn’t touch, for instance. You don’t have to worry about displaying them in the coldest, draughtiest room of your home. They’ll even tolerate the humidity of your bathroom or kitchen!

Because you don’t have to worry about having to easily access them in order to water them, you can put them in hard-to-reach places, like the top of a bookshelf or on a high corner shelf. You can even sit them on window sills without fear of them being knocked over by your cat.

The options are truly endless.

artificial plants

A well-placed artificial plant can anchor a room and bring life to an otherwise dull corner.

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7. They add that natural touch

Many of us like to incorporate a natural element of some sort into our interiors. Plants add light and warmth and timeless beauty to any space they’re in. Having a plant in a room can keep it from feeling stuffy or stale or cold. You can easily and instantly liven up even the most lacklustre of corners with a well-placed plant.

Quality artificial plants are often so lifelike that they can have the same effect as real plants. Because there’s no risk of them wilting or dying while stationed in that lacklustre corner, they’ll allow you to maintain that natural element in your space for many years to come!

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8. Artificial plants are a lifelong investment

Real plants are an ongoing commitment, like a pet or a child…

Maybe not quite the same, but still! You have to continue spending time and money on them to keep them happy and looking their best. This is great if you have the inclination and time for it, but of course not everyone does.

With a quality artificial plant, you’ll absolutely get your money’s worth. An artificial plant will last and last and last, just like a wool rug or an oak dining table.

Don’t be put off by the price tag of really high-quality faux plants. These beauties will stay with you for as long as you want to keep them (not like children). And they won’t ever ask you to spend more money or time on them just to keep them happy (again, unlike children).


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