4 Amazing Pet Products To Spoil Your Furry & Feathered Friends


Our favourite pet products to indulge your cats and dogs, keeping them cosy and happy whatever the weather!

In weather extremes like winter and summer, cats and dogs need a little extra attention. Your furriest family member deserves to be spoiled too!

Whether you want to pamper your pooch or pussy-cat or just keep things practical, we’ve got a sample of amazing products we know they’ll love…

1. A designer scratching post + pet bed

These incredible pet beds from Meyou-Paris are made with two-in-one practicality: a sweet spot for your feline friend to nap, plus a scratching post when they feel a bit feisty.

Designed in France, the Meyou-Paris range blends seamlessly with modern interior styles (perfect for you), and it’s cosy and comfortable and oh-so-chic (perfect for them)!

pet products zanui
The Ball Pet Bed, Light Grey from Meyou-Paris. Shop all pet accessories online at Zanui.

2. The best seat in the house

These bean bag covers from 4 Paws are designed for afternoon naps in sunny spots and are easy to clean.

Your furry friend will love curling up on their own little bean bag. The best part? They can stretch out and have the whole thing to themselves ?

Pet Bean Bag Cover from 4 Paws. Shop all pet products online at Zanui.

3. Stylish seed dispenser

Whether you’re encouraging native birdlife or feeding your feathered friends, do it in style with these exquisitely modern feeders from Eva Solo.

The central hole allows birds easy access to the seed while a drainage hole prevents it from getting soggy, even outdoors!

pet products zanui
Bird Feeder from Eva Solo. Shop all pet accessories online at Zanui.

4. Keep them cool in summer

When the weather turns warm or your pet is feeling hot and bothered, bring out the cooling mat. With a gel interior, it’s designed to lower their body temperature naturally – no water or refrigeration involved.

It’s also waterproof and easy to clean. We’re all about simple but smart pet products to help them feel more comfortable!

pet products zanui
Pet Cooling Gel Mat from Sprint. Shop all pet products online at Zanui.




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