A Perfect Pairing: Zanui & Naked Wines


There is nothing more relaxing than pouring yourself a glass of red wine at the end of the day and settling down onto your sofa – especially accompanied by chocolate and your latest binge-worthy drama. Or are you more extraverted? Preferring to unwind around your dining table with your closest friends, a glass of white, and an indulgent charcuterie board. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Naked Wines to pair delightful tastes with brilliant pieces to suit every palette and style.

A Refined Oak Palette with a Dark Moody Edge

Beautiful neutrals, pale timbers, with white and black finishes make up the stunning, trendy finishes in Nordic and Scandi interiors. These styles are the epitome of sought-after, modern trends. They also make for an ideal pairing with the gorgeous, full-bodied nature of the Sunday Lazy Grampians Shiraz from Naked Wines.

Nordic styles opt for brilliant, clean looks with practicality, so a striking centrepiece like the Prahu Dining Table is an ideal choice.

Shop the Prahu Dining Table online now at Zanui.

Shop the Prahu Dining Table online now at Zanui.

The Prahu features a smooth white tabletop and crossed oak legs, reminiscent of the French and American Oak barrels the Shiraz is matured in. This gives your home an organic touch and premium longevity, while your wine has a luxuriously smooth finish. Round dining tables are ideal for smaller or tighter spaces, as they give you more room to move around them, without detracting from your stylish look. The round top and unique leg pattern of the Prahu gives you an excellent contrast; both adding distinct and different shapes to your space.

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Marry your dining table with exceptional chairs for a look that can be bohemian, provincial, or Nordic, depending on your final styling accents. The striking Oakly Cross Back Dining Chair infuses your home with warmth and oak tones, evocative of your glass of shiraz. With accented timber and the crossed design in a dark finish, the Oakly chairs marry in beautifully with the spiced aniseed and liquorice notes in your drink. The comfort of the rattan seat pad combines with the easy curves of the piece for a luxurious and cosy finish, allowing for extended, comfortable seating while you wine and dine.

Complete the moody feel of your Nordic space with art that couples just as beautifully with your Sunday Lazy Grampians Shiraz. The Sleight of Hand Framed Canvas Print infuses your space with a dark, embodied look and harvests the blueberry, blackberry, and bitter chocolate flavours present in the shiraz for a complete finish.

Pairing the Prahu Dining Table, the Oakly Cross Back Dining Chairs, and the Sleight of Hand Framed Canvas Print with a brilliant bottle of Sunday Lazy Grampians Shiraz provides you with a relaxing place to unwind and recharge. Simply place a gorgeous cheese grazing board across the centre of your table, pour you and your guests a generous glass of Naked Wines Shiraz, and you have the perfect setting to enjoy a long, relaxing Friday night with friends.

Rich Reds & Handsome Style

Creating a beautiful space to relax and decompress is easy, especially for lovers of smooth red wines with decadent undertones. Mirroring the impressive notes of Naked Wines Jen Pfeiffer The Rebel Cabernet Sauvignon, you can give your living room a sophisticated and sweet finish.

The Jen Pfeiffer The Rebel Cabernet Sauvignon from Naked Wines.

Our Tacoma Faux Leather 3 Seater Sofa adds a classic, refined element to your living room, making for the perfect centrepiece. The lush, earthy cacao colours perfectly pair with the Cab Sav for an ultimate destination to unwind and relax. A gorgeous selection of rich spiced tones, tans, and robust timbers makes for the perfect setting to rest up and enjoy your premium glass of red in chic style. It’s easy to cosy up this look too with other cocoa-coloured pieces, too.


For added cosiness and comfortability, the Mulberry Round Wood Coffee Table offers a look that is not only stunning with the Tacoma Sofa but is reminiscent of the chocolatey flavours of The Rebel Cab Sav. The burnt brown colouring, effortless round shape, and striking lattice cut-outs give your living space a rich, warming look with a modern edge. Perfect as a space for display and a practical place to leave your wine glass whilst you relax into your seat – if you’re able to put your glass down, that is.


To complete the look of your cosy cocoa cabernet living room, you need a piece that will allow you to put your feet up and recline or can offer handy extra seating at your next dinner party. We’re talking about the gorgeous Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover. With its lovingly handcrafted nature, you know that this piece is made with the same care and attentiveness as your luxurious glass of The Rebel.


Coordinating these three pieces together makes for a cosy, warming feel in your living space. This cosy feel with soft finishings pairs beautifully with the juicier, fruitier blackberry and chocolate flavourings of The Rebel Cabernet Sauvignon for the perfect space to put your feet up and relax after a busy week.

Mineral Notes & Minimalist Marbles

Accenting your living room with smaller furniture pieces can be just as important as choosing the showstopping centrepieces – just like how choosing the wine at dinner can be just as important as choosing your main course. The cool, modern, and irresistible flavours of the Rabbit & Spaghetti Adelaide Hills Chardonnay couple beautifully with smooth and sleek marble pieces for a striking, minimalist look that doesn’t compromise on style.


The Ellie Marble Coffee Table features a crisp white marble top to pair perfectly with the crisp, acidic nature of the white wine. The high-gloss top helps to reflect light for a brighter feel in your interior and an added airy atmosphere and is perfect to place your charcuterie board when entertaining guests or simple décor for a simple look. With a crossed rectangular metal base in either gold or black, you can complement a modern, minimalist interior with a piece as refined and elegant as your wine.


The Lachapelle Marble Console Table also offers a crisp marble, ceramic, and stone combination top for effortless, minimalistic style. With a pale white surface of the marble, you can almost experience the apple, pear, citrus, and white peach aromas from the chardonnay, adding to the overall evocative feel of your home. Its open black framed base ensures your home keeps its airy, light vibe, making it perfect for hallways or living spaces without feeling obtrusive for a look that keeps giving.

Each sip of the Rabbit & Spaghetti Adelaide Hills Chardonnay is refreshing with a subtle creamy, mineral touch, like how our beautiful marble pieces offer a refreshing, clean, and elegant touch to each space in your home. Serving a splendid glass of white amongst family whilst gathered in a space full of gorgeous furnishings ensures a perfect Sunday afternoon that you will remember for a lifetime.

Woven Rattan & Herby Reds

You might think matching dark toned furniture with a classic red is the only way to go, but have you considered pairing a red potent with dried herb aromas with gorgeous rattan pieces? Give your dining space an upgrade with the earthy, natural look and texture of woven rattan. Ideal to create a classic bohemian look with a rich feel, rattan pieces also harmonise beautifully with The Companions Great Southern Cabernet from Naked Wines.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 164713

The Lamaria Rattan Sideboard features an oak-style finish for a premium look. It offers a rustic rattan weave on the door faces to mirror the gorgeous, dried mint, sage, and herb flavours of the wine. Easy to decorate and refine, you can turn your sideboard into a coastal or bohemian space and celebrate bright whites and rustic fibres to complement and contrast your gorgeous glass of cabernet or can even turn it into a bar cabinet if you want to truly honour the beautiful flavours of your glass.


The Comores Rattan Bar Trolley gives you the perfect way to enrich your home with a palette like the Great Southern Cabernet. With a darker edge than the Lamaria Sideboard, the Comores allows for you to display your wine in modern bohemian style – it even features wheels to serve your guests with ease! The deeper tones reflect the mocha flavours apparent in the wine, while the rattan weave matches the herb and hay flavourings for a gorgeous fusion of the wine’s complexity.

For a more subtle look that can be easily coordinated into any home, the Harlem Basket is a perfect way to opt for some Cabernet style in your home without altering too much of your décor and style. The gorgeous palette beautifully complements your living space with the mint, sage, and blackcurrant hues being replicated on the basket’s colouring. These subtle accents with the woven seagrass material bring the concepts of the Companions Great Southern Cabernet to the forefront for a beautiful match made in heaven. Simply style your basket by filling it with spare cushions and throws for an effortless good look.

These three simple furnishings can accentuate and boost the look of your interior whilst foregrounding the flavours of the Companions Great Southern Cabernet for a truly unique, modern statement that speaks to the beautifully balanced nature of the wine. Unwind and relax in a bohemian oasis with gorgeous rattan and seagrass pieces and embody the wine itself.

French Provincial Dreams

Indulge in classic French taste with the gorgeous roots of the Interlude French Rose. Grown in France for authentic style and flavour, it’s only natural to pair this decadent rose with elegant French Provincial furniture for a complete and immersive drinking experience.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 165523

The Ellanor Armchair speaks to classic French style with its solid oak construction, pure linen upholstery, and jute detailing. Each natural and organic aspect of this armchair allows you to infuse any space in your home with timeless charm, like the timeless flavours of traditional French rose.

Dress up your look with a gorgeous pure cotton accent using the lush looks of the Varela Fringed Wool Throw. Its subtle blush colouring is perfect to impart the ripe raspberry and juicy strawberry rose flavours of the Interlude French Rose into your interior. It maintains and enhances your provincial style without subtracting from the luxury of your gorgeous furnishings.

Finally, give your living area or nook its finishing piece with the French look Kara Wood Bedside Table. Not restricted to only the bedroom, the Kara Side Table offers gorgeous cabriole legs, whitewashed timber, and delicate drawer hardware for a look that screams provincial style.

Arranged together, the Ellanor Armchair, Kara Side Table, and Varela Throw create a perfect space for you to escape, unwind, and relax while enjoying a peaceful glass of Interlude French Rose. You can enjoy this Rose on its own or with appetisers and friends – that is if you are willing to share it.

Vibrant, Fruity Looks

A glass of Boy Meets Girls Sauvignon Blac Semillon induces such a lively feeling with its bright flavours that it is worth matching with a gorgeous print of the same vibrancy.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 170051

Enliven your walls with refreshing citrus, and marry your art to your glass with the gorgeous Oranges & Lemons Set of 2 Diptych Art Prints. The neutral backgrounds easily coordinate into any interior style, whilst the bright lemon yellows and oranges give an energetic perfusion to your space. The excellent citrus colours pair with the scrumptious refreshing citrus flavours of the Semillon Sauv Blanc.


For an even more vivacious colour perfusion in your space, the trio of Tropical Garden Triptych Art Prints give your walls a huge colour burst. The vibrant tropical leaves on bright and lively backgrounds showcase the zippy and refreshing feelings associated with this light bodied wine. The striking tones are reminiscent of the passionfruit and tropical fruit flavours of the Sem Sauv Blanc for a perfect combination.


The crisp, zippy, and strong fruity flavours of the Boy Meets Girl Sauvignon Blanc Semillon will always work well with art of equal vitality and freshness, to keep your interior feeling as zesty as your glass.

Emboldened Spaces & Unique Pairings

Both the drinks at Naked Wines and the furnishings at Zanui have flavours, colours, and options to suit every unique palette and style. From crisp flavours and vibrant home accents to smooth reds and refined pieces, there is a brilliant pairing made for every home, every space, and every taste.

Lucy Fox is a Sydney-based writer of prose, poetry, and digital content currently living on Dharawal land. With a passion for interior design, cooking, and cocktails, you can trust whatever concoction she's coming up with. She holds a BCA (Honours) in Creative Writing and can be found in the Deadset Press, Baby Teeth Arts Journal, The Emma Press, and Imprint Magazine.