Pastel Defined


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From left: Hiccups Flower Garden Quilt Cover Set and Campfire Graphics Watercolor Reindeer Courage Wall Decal, available online at Zanui.

Whilst pastel was once associated with the likes of your nana’s blue rinse and your mother’s plans to re-decorate the nursery, in recent times this colour palette has made a resurgence. From wall art to rugs, quilt covers to vases + other decor accents, pastel is making a stealthy comeback in contemporary interior design.

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Pastel is infused with the essence of spring and a whisper of vintage whimsy. This palette is effortlessly elegant yet energised. Paired with creamy neutrals, as decor accent, it becomes playful yet chic. En masse, it’s decadently sweet. And it’s always intrinsically feminine.

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From left: Urban Road Pigalle Tulip Canvas Print and American Flat Paraducks Print Art, available online at Zanui.

The softer intensity of pastels is emancipating when it comes to decorating your home. The marriage of a myriad of candy colours makes for an inviting and intimate space. It says personal. And it begs a floral or patterned element. Try paisley, chevron or plain stripes in pastel hues.

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Old world chintz utilises pastel to great success. Add some floral cushions to your sofa with a neutral base to add character to your living room. Or dress up your bedroom walls with a series of pegged photos in a pastel theme. Opt for warmer hues or more wintry tones. Or mix and match them for greater visual impact.

From left: Urban Road Candy Stripes Canvas Print and Maxwell and Williams Cashmere Charming Bluebells 20 piece dinner set, available online at Zanui.

The delicacy of pastel hues invites contrasts that might ordinarily jar if they were attempted in a richer colour gradient. Pinks and blues compliment one another, creating a peaceful yet intriguing visual juxtaposition.

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Decorative pillows, cushions and throws can save an otherwise lifeless space with their injection of colour. They’re great for your couch or for your bedroom suite. And they also pair perfectly with the elegance of fine bone china in your dinner set.

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Lastly, take advantage of this time of year and bring buds and blossoms with all their perfumes into your interiors. Fresh flowers represent the ultimate in pastel tones and add vernal charm. Glass vases create the perfect vessels for showcasing the season’s beauty.

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