Pantone Reveals the Pallette for 2016…

P hero

Pantone has announced its colour for 2016… *drumroll* … Introducing the new heroes for 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity!


History has been made.

This year palette prophets Pantone have chosen a blending of two shades for the colour of the year. This is the first time a collusion between colours has been selected. Following a host of sorbet-sweet shades (like aquamarine and fraise) that have been celebrated this summer, Rose Quartz and Serenity have been announced as the tones of 2016.

Gentle in tone, these colours work well in the intimacy of the bedroom or with the addition of striking monochrome for contrasting strengths. Image sourced:

The fusion.

Rose Quartz and Serenity makes a sharp departure from the strength and gravity of last year’s colour of the year – Marsala (see below for the featured colours of preceding years). Marsala is wine-coloured and robust and earthy. Rose Quartz and Serenity are much less saturated. With this marriage of muted tones, Pantone pledges allegiance to a collective change in focus towards mindfulness and wellbeing on a cultural level.

P20Images sourced:

Soul-strengthening and soothing, this harmonious blend delivers a relief from modern day stresses, affecting a more mellowed approach to existence. Together these colours represent connection and balance, health and wellbeing. Embracing rosy warmth and tranquil blue tones, this colour fusion promotes peace and a sense of order…

P8 P3
This year’s winning colours and the preceding years’ winning colours going back in date order. Images sourced:

By drawing together such contrasting shades, Pantone is also challenging inherent traditions of colour pairing. This is in recognition of the changing cultural mores in our society.

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The future.

With the increased blurring of gendered lines, both fashion and interior design have experienced a renaissance in their understanding of colour association. The movement towards gender equality and fluidity and a desire for self-expression through colour unchecked by typecasting is reflected in this coupling.

Persuasive but peaceful. Tempered yet inter-connected. Rose Quartz brings compassion and composure; Serenity, a weightless relaxation and respite.

P7 P4
Be bold and introduce these hues en-masse, or add more subtle decorative touches. Images sourced L to R: and Zanui.


Pair it with other mid-tones, from greens to purples, rich browns, shades of pink and yellow, hot brights and silvers. (See the palette chips at the top of this blog for inspiration!) Whether in matte or gloss or metallic, this collaboration is the way of the… well, at least the New Year…

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P10 P11
St Albans throws make a gorgeous injection of colour to your living areas – add one to your sofas or armchairs for a bold colour pop. Images sourced L to R: and

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