Outdoor Toys That Grow With Your Child


We know what it’s like for the little one to have a favourite toy, only to outgrow it in a year’s time (if you’re lucky!). Here are our outdoor must-haves that will last long after the season!

Like most children’s items, toys are quickly outgrown with the blink of an eye. What’s the trick to eliminating clutter and avoiding re-purchasing larger sizes? Toys that grow with your child.

Sounds simple enough, right? (Why wasn’t this thought of before?!) It’s the era of innovative design and we’ve got the latest in play that will excite both you and your little one.

Roar-a-Saur Table from Plum, available online at Zanui.

We know that everyone wants their money’s worth, and with the toy industry in Australia expected to rake in over $870M from 2015-16*, there are sure a lot of toys on the market to choose from (think an army of Barbies).  Here’s how to make the right purchase for years’ worth of fun.

*According to IBISWorld

Outdoor Play

Modern Outdoor Cubby House from KidKraft, available online at Zanui.

We’re all for soaking in the sunshine with some outdoor fun. Ditch the gizmos and get your little ones slapping on some sunscreen!

Toys for outdoor play tend to last a lot less than others because of their seasonal use. We tend to pack away a lot of items, only to bring them out on a rare sunny day at any other point of the year. (And who knows when that’ll be.)

Unlike the sandals that probably won’t fit next summer, we’ve got the perfect activities to last long beyond this summer’s hot days – some that can be played indoor too!

All The Toys!

Bright and fun! Play Teepee, Orange from KidKraft, available online at Zanui.

Think about your space and the environment your kids will be playing in. For their own little getaway, we love the idea of setting up a teepee. Teepees are great because they come in all kinds of designs and they’re super easy to set up – indoors and outdoors! For one that’ll last for years and to cater for friends, opt for a teepee with more poles.

If you’re looking for a more permanent play environment outside, opt for a cubby house. They’ll love the idea of their own ‘house’ and inviting guests over (that includes you, too). Timber cubby houses are more durable and will withstand the weather for years!

If your backyard is filled with grass, a trampoline is always a winner. They’ll love jumping around with friends and siblings too. And as they grow older, it only gets more fun. Trampolines can last well through the teenage years, so it’s not even considered a toy. Duh 😉

Our Personal Fave: Chillafish

Chillafish Bunzi, Blue from Chillafish, available in various colours online at Zanui.

Our favourite ‘growing’ toy comes from Chillafish. Extremely clever designs with such easy instructions – never has adjustment been such a cinch!

Long gone are the days of attaching training wheels to your child’s first bike. Pack away your screws and wrenches! From three wheels down to two with a simple switch and lock, learning how to ride a bike is now stress-free, allowing more time with mum and dad to teach rather than toil.

Need proof? This is how simple it really is:

Too easy, right? The best part is that with such a smooth transition from first bike to ‘big’ bike, your little one will feel a lot more comfortable improving their riding skills.

The seat height adjusts, so they can learn at their own pace. Plus, they’re ever so cute. They’ll definitely be making some home videos!

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