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Over at, we recently unveiled our brand new and exclusive Zanui Collection! It’s filled with timeless pieces that span a wide range of interior styles, pieces that are both beautiful and practical, pieces that stand out and pieces that blend seamlessly with your existing space.

Learn more about the new Zanui Collection, as we chat with Victoria, our Zanui Furniture Buyer and one of the Collection’s expert curators.

Zanui Collection

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Victoria. I’m originally from the UK, but I’ve been with Zanui for about six years and have been a Furniture Buyer for the last three.

My background is in art and design; I love design in all forms, and I really enjoy being creative both in my job as a buyer and in my leisure time.

My personal interior style is fairly minimalistic with a mid century modern twist. I tend to gravitate towards earthy colour palettes, warm natural textures and furniture pieces in classic, timeless styles that are well made and will last.


When did you start working on the new Zanui Collection?

We [the Buying Team] first began working on this collection in the first half of 2020. There were, of course, various delivery and production challenges due to the pandemic, so it all really didn’t start coming together until the middle of last year.

Zanui Collection Side Tables Zanui Collection Bed Heads

Shop the Camille Velvet Bed Head and the Nattai Round Marble Side Table, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

We’ve always had an exclusive Zanui range that was very Scandi focused. For the Zanui Collection though, we wanted to take it in a new direction that would suit a wider range of interior styles, something that would appeal to everyone.


What was the design inspiration behind the pieces you chose?

To be honest, we didn’t go out there with a specific design idea in mind to start with. We didn’t want to box ourselves in with any one particularly inspired style. You know, we didn’t want to just go with Scandi and we didn’t want to just cater to the latest trends and nothing else.

We chose pieces that we knew were trending in various categories, like gold legs on a round marble coffee table, beautiful rattan bed heads, warm tan leather dining chairs, things like that that cover a huge range of styles and tastes. But we also selected pieces that we knew were timeless and would continue to appeal to people as trends change.

What was the goal of creating the new range?

Our mission at Zanui is to deliver the latest interior trend styles at great price points.

We know our customers have been spending more time at home than ever before, so it’s more important than ever to enjoy the space you’re in. We definitely wanted to have pieces that were beautiful to look at and that our customers could enjoy having in their home.

At the same time, we wanted to make sure they were really practical and purpose-built. We’ve got a few faux leather dining chairs and bar stools in the Collection, for example, which are really lovely visually, but they’re also super easy to wipe down and keep clean, so they’re very practical.

Affordability was also a focus for us. We wanted to help our customers achieve the interior style they wanted without breaking the bank, as they say.

Zanui Collection Living Room Furniture

Shop the Kade Coffee Table and the Annen Armchair, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.


What kinds of materials and colour palettes did you focus on, and why?

We focussed primarily on quite a natural, tonal colour palette, something that would mix easily with existing furniture pieces. We then also gave the collection an injection of a few bolder, more on trend colours, like burnt orange, golden beige, navy and merlot.

Zanui Collection Velvet Armchairs

The Zanui Collection mixes natural, neutral tones with a few bold pops of colour, like the Orion Velvet Armchair in Jewel Green.

In terms of materials, we selected ones that were quite tactile. Velvet, terrazzo, rattan, beautiful solid marble with natural, unique veins running through. They’re all materials that can be used to create a bit of textural interest.

Again, we wanted to make sure we had something for everyone there in the range. We also wanted the pieces to have longevity, to be on trend but also fairly timeless.


What interior styles can you achieve with pieces from the Zanui Collection?

The collection is really versatile and was purposefully developed to sit within a variety of interior styles.

The relaxed, beachy, coastal style has been a firm favourite with our customers for many years, so it was important for us to develop pieces that could be incorporated into this theme. We know coastal can be taken in many different directions. That’s why we made sure you could go down multiple different coastal routes with pieces in the Zanui Collection.

The Kingston Armchair is upholstered in lovely, soft, natural tones that evoke a sense of peace, calm and comfort. The buttoned back curved arms and fluted timber leg details make it perfect for a classic Hamptons interior.

Zanui Collection Armchairs Zanui Collection Coffee & Side Tables

Inspire classic Hamptons vibes in your space with the Kingston Upholstered Armchair and the Porter Marble Nesting Table, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

The Kingston Armchair ties in perfectly with the Riverton Tufted Upholstered Bed Head, as well, which also suits the Hamptons style. They sit really nicely together.

Zanui Collection Hamptons Style Zanui Collection Bedroom Furniture

Complete your Hamptons aesthetic with the Riverton Bed Head and the Musa Bedside Table, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

You could then take a more modern boho twist on the coastal style with any of the rattan pieces. The Ethan Bar Stool, the Ada Bed Head or the Galen Bedside Table—any of these would perfectly suit the boho coastal style.

Zanui Collection Rattan Bedside Table Zanui Collection Rattan Bed Head

Create a boho coastal look with the Ada Rattan Bed Head and the Galen Rattan Bedside Table, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

Conversely, you could take any of the marble and metal or glass and metal pieces to create a really nice modern luxe look. The gold and marble accent tables have an elegant, refined look that’s classically glam. The white marble versions with black legs are very contemporary, and can give a bit of an edgier look.

Zanui Collection Marble Console Table

Opt for a look of elegance and opulence with the Lincoln Marble Console Table in White/Gold, part of the Zanui Collection.

So really, there are quite a few different and contrasting interior styles that can be achieved with the Zanui Collection. Many of the pieces sit well together, while also easily complementing existing pieces in someone’s home.


Whose homes and in what settings could you imagine these pieces?

Every piece in the Zanui Collection is well priced. Any one of them would be perfect in just about anyone’s home. They could be perfect for couples setting up their first apartment, for someone decorating a holiday home, for families who want their space to be comfortable but also able to withstand that chaos of family life! A lot of these items really are key, classic pieces that can just sit so seamlessly in anyone’s space.


What are some of your favourite pieces from the Zanui Collection?

The Ethan Rattan Bar Stool is one of my faves. We know rattan has been a huge trend in interior styling as of late. It’s super beachy and perfect for the Australian lifestyle. I love the fact that our Ethan comes in three different colour options. The white and the black options offer a really nice point of difference. A lot of rattan on the market comes only in that one natural colour.

Zanui Collection Rattan Bar Stools

The Ethan Rattan Bar Stool in white provides a nice alternative to traditional natural rattan. Exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

I also really like the Baines Dining Chair. It’s really well proportioned and super comfortable. I like it both in the lovely soft, cream-toned fabric upholstery, and also in the dark tan and classic black faux leather options.

Zanui Collection Dining Chairs

Shop the Baines Dining Chair, exclusive to the Zanui Collection.

There’s also the Porter Marble Nesting Tables. The black-on-black, in particular, is just so striking. It’s so contemporary, and it really showcases the natural texture and beauty of the marble. You see a lot of white marble pieces with grey veins or black veins, which are really lovely. But to see beautiful white veins on black marble is really special and unique. We knew the white-on-black would look great; it’s always a classic, something you can’t really go wrong with. But I’m really pleasantly surprised with just how beautiful the black-on-black is, the marble is really stunning.

Zanui Collection Black Marble Coffee Table

The black-on-black Porter Nesting Tables make a striking statement. Exclusive to the Zanui Collection.


What can we expect from the Zanui Collection going forward?

I can’t say too much at this stage. But we’ve got some really exciting pieces in the works for the second drop! We’re looking at a few timber pieces that again showcase natural grains and colouring. The items will be timeless and well priced, much like the first drop. They’ll sit well within the existing Zanui Collection. They’ll also create a point of difference and bring more depth to the Collection.

We’re really looking forward to growing the Zanui Collection even more!

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