Our New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. The start of a new year. So everyone around us is starting their new year’s resolutions. So we thought we’d share the resolutions of a few of the people here in Zanui HQ.

Our Resolutions:


Featured in left image: Rosa Cushion, Pacific Cushion, Tehni Tablecloth, and Alto plates and bowls from L&M Home. Featured in right image: Steiff teddy bears.

Be nicer. To myself, to other people. To the world in general.

  • Megan, Customer Service Representative

No more rushing, take your time. Which can be kind of hard at times because I am always… Russian.

  • Leo, Business Intelligence Analyst

Try to not kill my plants!

  • Alanna, Buyer

Left image: Wynne Wine Rack. Right image: London Clock Company.

Start a rad wine and spirits collection. It always seemed like something cool grown-ups have. Ironically, I also want to save more money this year so we’ll see how these two work out together. Oh! And exercise more, of course.

  • Paige, Content Writer

Make it into the office before/by 9am every day.

  • Sheila, Head of Engineering

I have decided to reach my goal weight of 75kgs as I recently noticed that I have a lot of short and trousers that I can no longer button up or button up and it feels like I’m wearing a lower body corset

  • Dan, Digital Marketing Manager


What are your new year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments!