Meet The Team – Fiona

Photo of living room

Here at Zanui, we have a dedicated team working together to bring you the best and latest finds for your homes. Get to know some of the faces behind all of the magic. First up is Fiona from our Buying Team! 


What’s your role in the company?

I’m one of the Buyers within our Homewares and Furniture categories so it’s my job to bring you all the beautiful products our suppliers have on offer. 

How long have you been with Zanui?

I’ve been with Zanui for just over a year now!

Describe your favourite interior style and why?

It’s a mixture! I love Mid-Century, but injected with some Art Deco styles and with an urban pop-culture flair. This is definitely an influence from my Granny, combined with my own love for bright colours.

What new products do you currently have in your wishlist?

I have a lot of beautiful rugs on my wishlist at the moment. My style is a bit peculiar so I love anything that is eclectic and unusual. My wishlist right now has so many products from the Ted Baker range. I usually think about these things for months before deciding what I like, so we’ll have to wait and see which one I eventually choose!


Add excitement with the Jariden Wool Rug from Ted Baker.

Add excitement with the Jariden Wool Rug from Ted Baker.

Once again, a mixed bag! I love classic vintage posters such as our BALLY range to large, abstract, bold, and colourful prints and paintings. We have some beautiful ones by Claire Desjardin.

Add elegance with the Bally Blonde Framed Print from 41 Orchard.

Add elegance with the Bally Blonde Framed Print from 41 Orchard.


Photo of Claire Desjardin artwork

Add colour with the Not Quite August Canvas Painting from United Artworks.

What piece of furniture are you currently on the hunt for?

I desperately need a new oversized rug for my living room to add a pop of colour and some depth. I also wouldn’t mind finding a new coffee table. I don’t know what style yet, but I’ll know when I see it!

What advice would you give to anyone exploring their interior style?

Don’t be scared to change your aesthetic and don’t be too strict with yourself either. You don’t have to follow every aspect of a particular style – not every piece will suit your taste, and that’s okay! Start small and then go big and have fun with it!

What’s your favourite product at Zanui at the moment?

That’s like asking to choose your favourite child… but the Brooklyn Drinks Trolley and the Kylie Three Legged Linen Dining Chair both by Cafe Lighting & Living have to be up there.

Photo of trolley

Indulge with glamour with the Brooklyn Drinks Trolley from CAFE Lighting & Living.


Photo of three legged chair

Sophisticate with the Kylie Three Legged Linen Dining Chair from CAFE Lighting & Living.

What’s an essential styling tip you apply to every home?

It’s a simple tip but measure twice and cut once. Looking for a statement sofa? Measure and map out the space so that all the pieces fit perfectly and you still have enough room to breathe.

And to finish this off right, what’s your cocktail of choice?

A really, really good espresso martini, but truthfully, anything!


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Karina is a content writer for Zanui based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UTS with a degree in Communications majoring in Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys braving various weather conditions for a long walk, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.