Living Rooms Inspired By 6 Awesome TV Families


Ever realised that your favourite on-screen family seems to have an effortlessly homely and character-filled living room? (Pun unintended!) We’ve picked some best-loved families to inspire your space with signature flair.

There’s something magical that directors do to make sets so life-like and relatable. When sitting down with a blanket and a bowl of snacks, we’re fully immersed in the fictional world of our favourite TV characters.

If everything on these sets were primed and prepped as flawlessly as the glossy magazines, we probably wouldn’t enjoy our binge-worthy shows as much.

Quirky décor, mismatched furniture and collectables identify our characters and make their living rooms as cosy and homely as can be.

We’ve picked some favourite TV families to inspire your living room with their style. And sorry GOT fans, there’s no mention of Westeros houses. But click here for an entire cool post dedicated to just that 😉

The Flintstones

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Now who didn’t love watching the adventures of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and darling Dino? The Stone Age sure had some serious style that we love. As raw as can be, the Flintstones can teach us a thing or two about natural styling!

Earthy hues and furry, rugged looks made the Flintstones’ household humble but warm and practical. We could use that kind of simplicity in our homes these days!

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How to get the look:

Bedrock, if not self-explanatory, is all about natural stone. Pair concrete finishes with the texture of hide, and instil bursts of iconic aqua blue and Flintstone fire-orange for that tranquil yet warming earthy feel.

Think Scandinavian but much more on the primitive side. Clay vases and candle vessels are a big plus to bring that soothing pre-tech relaxation!

The Simpsons
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The ever-famous opening sequence of The Simpsons always finds the much-loved family landing back on the couch after their eventful days – something we can all relate to.

Whether it’s the hypnotic rug or colourful floor lamp that you love, this dysfunctional clan can definitely influence your living room by catering for the whole family, no matter what their quirks.

While their palette is cartoonish (duh… or should we say doh?), the layout of their living room is just right for your everyday family downtime.

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How to get the look:

Traditional in style, the hero of the room is the couch. For classic Simpson-style, opt for a brown 3-seater sofa with button-back detailing.

Hang a frame above it with your favourite oceanic scene. Finish it off with a patterned rug, side table and floor lamp for warmth.

The Jetsons
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The high-tech family of the future – The Jetsons. While we wish that we had a robot maid too, there’s a lot more to their style that is actually within our reach.

A few steps more from contemporary and even further than ultramodern, Jetsons-styling is all about fusing ultimate practicality with chic clean lines. As sleek as can be!

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How to get the look:

For an out-of-this-world look, showcase silver-finished metallics and replica designer furniture.

Feature décor sparingly and keep clutter to a minimum – the Jetsons are all about letting their furniture shine! (Literally.)

The Brady Bunch
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The busy household of The Brady Bunch can very confidently be described as retro heaven! Airing in the late 60s, the Brady household featured an iconic flair of bold patterns contrasted with deep walnut tones.

While the iconic Brady staircase caters for a family of nine (including Alice, of course), you don’t need a huge space in your home to be daring with vivid patterns. Vintage décor simply needs to be in all the right places too. We certainly hope that record player isn’t hiding away in storage!

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How to get the look:

Twin armchairs and a bright sideboard mark undeniable retro style. Choose furniture that shows off timber armrests and legs – bold fashioning doesn’t ignore detail!

Avoid primary colours and revivify your space with emerald green, mustard yellow, teals and maroons. Throw in an ottoman or two and some refreshing indoor plants for an extra groovy vibe.

The Addams Family
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Kind of gothic, kind of classical, kind of medieval – The Addams Family is horrifyingly captivating. With their castle guarded by dark squeaky gates, and grand stairs leading to what seemed like endless amount of rooms, the Addams’ interior style is somewhat relative to a collector’s.

Endless paintings on the walls and statues that date back to who-knows-when profess an unshakable love for antiques. (Ones that could do with a bit of dusting!)

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How to get the look:

Showcasing your collectables often needs a generous amount of shelving. Pair a bookcase with a leather armchair and button-back lounge for handsome style.

Lay out a luxurious rug and a statement chandelier for ultimate grandeur. And inherit Addams’ signature style by sticking to broody, hues with subtle touches of purple and metallics. Your guests will be mesmerised.

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So, while technically not a family in the traditional sense (the name speaks for itself), F.R.I.E.N.D.S has a special place in the heart of fans for their loving relationships and hilarious encounters – many of which take place in their very living rooms.

Mismatched and subtly eccentric, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has a well-balanced setting of feminine and masculine, modern and traditional. The couch looks oh-so-cosy and the coffee table is always full of magazines or a bowl of flowers.

Amid all this, there’s perfect mood lighting with scattered table lamps. And just a side note – we very much love their huge coffee mugs.

Calderoni Canvas Print from Hoxton Art House, available online at Zanui.

How to get the look:

Make your couch cosy with plush cushions and warm throws – it needs to look as comfortable as it feels. Warm up the centre of your living room with a timber coffee table, but freshen it up with a vase of flowers.

Your table lamps don’t have to all be the same – mix it up but keep it in theme. A mismatched mug collection adds personality, and don’t forget to queue Monica’s large French poster hung behind the TV!

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