Interview With Three Birds Renovations

three birds together

We’re so excited to get to work with Three Birds Renovations but before we got too carried away and started styling and restyling everything, we managed to sit down with Bonnie, the creative director of Three Birds, and get a few Q&As.

How did your love of renovating and styling start?

Bonnie from Three Birds

I’ve kinda just grown up with renovating. My parents would always be buying and selling property and I loved seeing the transformation of the space. My mum is great at styling properties so I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

What’s the best renovating or styling advice you’ve ever received?

That’s a great question! I’m not a trained stylist so I guess I’d say the best advice has come from my mum. She’s always told me to follow your heart and not necessarily follow the trends. You have to love what you create because it’s what you are going to live with every day.

What are your top tips for selecting a rug for your space?

Always start with the colour palette. At The Beach Shack I was looking for a rattan look which matched my overall colour scheme. Next, choose a size which suits the space and don’t be afraid to try a double rug to add a bit of interest.

What are your easy updates for your living room?

Beach House Living Room

Image features the Albany Floor Lamp from Zanui.

Living rooms are a great place to update because it ’s so easy. You just need to throw down a rug, grab a new piece of art and take some of the colour from the artwork into new cushions.

What are your favourite brands or finds on Zanui?

My favourite find has definitely been all of the gorgeous artwork and my favourite piece is the one in the guest bedroom by United Interiors. I just love the blue tones and the way it makes you feel relaxed. Get ready for the reveal for that room and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

How do you get your home ready for Christmas guests?

One of the great spaces from The Beach House. Image Features Diamond Autumn Indoor Outdoor Rug

One of the great spaces from The Beach House.
Image Features Diamond Autumn Indoor Outdoor Rug from Zanui.

We’ve often hosted Christmas at our place over the years. I love to get ready by purchasing some new cutlery and plates so I can dress the table really beautifully. And then I also want to make sure my outdoor entertaining area is looking really great because you’ll generally be outside with guests over Christmas. At The Beach Shack we’ve got a couple of chairs and a side table for drinks and then a separate area to relax with a lounge, arm chairs, a couple of tables and a rug to frame the space.

About Bonnie and the Three Birds

Bonnie Hindmarsh is the creative director for Three Birds Renovations and has been renovating her whole life. She is responsible for all of the style and design choices of the Birds’ projects.

As a team, the Three Birds have been best friends for 15 years, supporting each other as they all married and had children. Then in 2014 they all walked away from their corporate careers to pursue a more fulfilling life. Wanting to be able to spend more time with loved ones and do something they truly loved, they began Three Birds Renovations.

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