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We’re a little smitten with these Insta folk and their unique takes on styling interiors.

Marcia Leone and son. From

Not So Mumsy – @notsomumsy

Got your own tribe of miniature peeps but want to maintain a modicum of style? Follow Not So Mumsy on Insta for interiors and mum-and-mini fashion inspo.

NOT SO MUMSY(adj.) self-defines as a space for “style-conscious, media-savvy mamas who juggle busy schedules, play-dates and the occasional splash of rosé”. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Sydney-sider and style savant Marcia Leone is the brains behind Not So Mumsy. Marcia, pronounced Mar-see-a (not Marsha, Marsha, Marsha), is a lifestyle-journalist-turned-mumstapreneur.

sorting-out-their-fathers-day-plans-nutella-on-toast-in-bed-from-not-so-mumsy too-hilarious-from-not-so-mumsy
Sorting out their Father’s Day plans – nutella on toast in bed! And one of many welcome injections of humour. From Not So Mumsy.

Not So Mumsy curates everything from interiors style to wellness tips, travel and personal insights about being a mum. Marcia styles her own photo shoots. But she also likes to shoot the breeze (more than most people on Insta) about fashion finds, being a family and #ttc (trying to conceive) baby number two.

out-and-about-with-not-so-mumsy living-room-style-from-not-so-mumsy
Out and about with Not So Mumsy and some living room style.

What we love

Her honesty and generosity, her sense of adventure in life and style, her love affair with light and bright aesthetics, and her sense of humour.

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cute-as-a-bunny-nursery-from-brooke-castel bedroom-style-from-kerriann
Cute as a bunny nursery from Brooke Castel and bedroom style from Kerryann Carroll – together they’re The Design Labb.

The Design Labb – @kerryann_stylist and @thedesignminimalist

The Design Labb is a boutique Melbourne styling company spawned by Insta enthusiasts and best buddies, Kerryann Carroll and Brooke Castell.

These ladies are head over heels for Scandi style made new with modern twists. They instil a fresh feel in their interiors with sprigs of foliage from Australia’s native plants.

love-the-statement-wall-art-from-kerriann love-the-use-of-depth-and-texture-here-from-brooke-castell
Love the use of depth, texture and statement wall art. From Kerryann (left) and Brooke (right).

Friends for years, this style duo joined forces just five months ago to create their bespoke styling service. Follow their lead for a collision of crisp whites, Nordic style, chic nurseries and statement artwork.

alisa-lysandra-wall-art-from-kerriann monochrome-broken-up-by-a-flash-of-bright-florals-from-brooke-castell
L to R: Alisa & Lysandra wall art from Kerryann and monochrome broken up by a bright florals from Brooke.

What we love

Their fresh approach to Scandinavian minimalism incorporating pastels and living accents, their eye for the unusual vignette, and the cosy textures and chunky knits in their interiors.

See more of The Design Labb here.

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Tarina and son of Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine.

Oh Eight Oh Nine – @oh.eight.oh.nine

26-year-old Tarina Lyell is Oh Eight Oh Nine. She blogs about her FIFO life with her son and hubby in Perth, WA. Tarina’s passion for finessing interiors dates back to when she was a wee six years old and she became obsessed with rearranging her bedroom!

Since then she’s studied photography, worked as a style consultant and a furniture sales rep.

living-room-looks-from-oh-seven-oh-eight arranging-the-flowers-from-oh-seven-oh-eight
Living room looks and arranging the flowers from Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine.

Her aesthetic is accented with organic nuances and rich layered textures, from animal hide to shaggy woollen cushions and throws. She uses vibrant colour pops and statement wall art to add character to her clean-lined interiors.

love-this-home-office-from-oh-seven-oh-eight we-love-these-dramatic-hues-from-oh-seven-oh-eight
Love this home office and dramatic bedroom from Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine.

What we love

Her super-stylish nursery for son Chet – it balances adult-chic with playful details. Tarina celebrates the natural beauty of wood amidst a palette of crisp whites and all the greys. Pops of teal, mustard and the occasional pink come as a pleasant surprise.

See more of Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine here.

Kyree Harvey from Miss Kyree Loves.

Kyree Harvey – @misskyreeloves

Kyree Harvey is all about passion: passion for interior style, passion for her baby-on-the-way and passion for simple yet effective photography. She has a background in journalism and broadcasting but now devotes herself to her styling business fulltime.

She considers herself lucky to be able to live something she loves.

nursery-style-from-misskyreeloves-com living-room-style-from-misskyreeloves-com
Living room style from

Working on her new home in WA, Kyree invokes modern elegance using rustic hues to highlight her palette of crisp neutrals. Showcasing jute, light timbers and wire-framed tables, her home is bright and airy yet earthy.

Kyree plays around with her gallery walls to change-up her home’s personality according to her whims. The result is inviting and intimate.

Home office style from

What we love

Kyree’s Bebe Harvey Glory Box. Kyree’s been hungry to be a mum for years. And she’s been with her hubby for over a decade. They knew they wanted a family but they didn’t want to rush things. So Kyree started collecting items for the now impending Harvey Jnr.

Kyree photographs the baby toys, trinkets and wardrobe, and posts them on her Insta. Check them out. Too cute!

See more of MissKyreeloves here.

Mel and her daughter Sienna from Mel Zag.

Melissa Zagari @mel_zag

Melissa Zagari is a Melbourne mum of two who doubles as a brand rep for Cotton Candy Designs and Moore Creative, two Australian design studios. Her focus is on style for your small person.

Whimsy meets homespun vintage charm in her kids’ rooms, evoking a gentle lyricism your little one will love. By turns Scandi and mod, her style plays out in metallic and gelato colour pops, cute curios and handmade treasures.

such-a-cute-%22shelfie%22-from-mel-zag melissa-zagaris-nursery-for-daughter-sienna-from-fourcheekymonkeys-com
Such a cute “shelfie” and nursery from Mel Zag.

Pinks, pom-poms and pastels establish a dreamlike atmosphere destined to inspire flights of fancy in your favourite small person.

bedroom-bliss-from-mel-zag big-style-for-pint-sized-people-from-mel-zag
Bedroom bliss and big style for pint-sized people. From Mel Zag.

What we love

Her ability to evoke the fairytale. Mel uses wall decals, cute mobiles and pretty bed linen to great effect. And her adorable “shelfies”. Mel likes to update her kids’ rooms by simply rearranging the décor accents on display.

Which Instagrammers are your faves?

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