How to Entertain Kids During Travel

How to Entertain Kids During Travel - Incy Interiors

Whether you’re travelling by plane or by car, more often than not your little ones will start to get restless, fidgety and maybe aggravated. Here’s how to avoid: “are we there yet?!” 

Family holidays seem like fun at first. And why shouldn’t they?! Watching the kids splash in the pool or roast marshmallows by the fire – wherever your holiday destination is will create joyous memories to last a lifetime!


“I’m hungry.”
“Are we there yet?”
“I don’t want to play with this anymore.”
“I’m sooooo bored.”
“I accidentally spilled my drink.”
“Tell Tim to stop kicking the back of my chair!”

Ahh, the joys of travelling. If you’ve travelled with the whole clan before, these cries will sound familiar to you. Here are our top tips to get through your ride or flight peacefully (for the most part).

Firstly, get comfortable

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Being strapped in a seat for hours on end isn’t comfortable for anyone – much less a child who is used to the freedom of running around!

Get your little one cosy and warm with the right type of clothing, set the temperature in your space if possible, and carry spare singlets or jumpers for when there’s a spike or drop in temperature.

Make sure they’re able to nap when they want to by carrying some travel pillows and a spare blanket. You parents definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity of them falling asleep!

Pre-pack LOTS of snacks

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We’re all a little cranky when we start to get peckish. What’s worse is the long wait to stop over at the next fast food joint. Especially when you don’t really know when that will be and end up giving them false hope!

Pack healthy snacks like fruits and save not-so-healthy munchies for when they are in the red zone of restless travel. Get them to pick snacks when you’re packing and that way they’ll know what they’re in for and what there is to get excited about.

Pro tip is to cater for munchies that will be shared. If it will cause dispute between siblings, stick to the individual mini packets!

Don’t forget plenty of water! Travel is very exhausting and it’s important to remind your little ones to stay hydrated.

Play games that won’t take too much space

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A colouring book and a couple of colouring pencils just isn’t going to cut it when the travelling for more than 20 minutes. Kids need constant change, something to engage them when they lose interest in their last activity.

Take time before your trip to write down a list of games. There are plenty of good ones that don’t require any packing – just talking!

Car games

If you’re on a road trip, get your kiddies to make a sentence out of the letters on the neighbouring car’s number plate. Traditional games like 20 Questions and I Spy never fail. These types of games are challenging and encourage family bonding. Twist the rules to keep it interesting!

Plane entertainment

If you’re on a plane, talking games might not be so considerate for your fellow passengers. If you do decide to go with the gizmo games and apps, make sure everyone has their own set of headphones and have a gadget charger on hand.

Extra fun

Carrying around a pen and spare paper always saves the day too with rounds of Hangman or Naughts and Crosses.

If your kids are a little older, get them to pick out a book of their interest. It’ll be something they can dive into throughout the holiday as well.

Cater for sickness

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A lot of kids feel sick during travel. While motion sickness is not something that should normally last too long, its best to take precautionary measures.

If you are in a car, map out where you can take pit stops beforehand rather than hoping that there will be bathroom within the next kilometre.

If you’re flying, its best to talk to your kids prior to the flight about the possibility of feeling a little strange at take off or landing. Reassure them and let them know that it’s OK, before they panic while they’re in the air!

Pack lollies (they’ll love that!) or something they can chew on to prevent blocked ears or nausea.


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