Housewarming Gift Ideas


So your friend has moved into a new house and you want to get them a gift, but these days there’s no Emily Post to tell us what’s an appropriate housewarming gift. You might have no idea what present to give. We’ve been there, pal. So we decided to help you out a bit. There are a few factors that will make up what kind of gift to get this person.

If this is their first time living out of home

The first time we move out from our parents’, family’s, or caregivers’ home is an important event. It’s our first taste of freedom. It’s also the first time we realise just how much goes into maintaining a home. ‘Did someone really do the dishes every day?’ Yes, they did. If you have a friend that’s moving into their own place for the first time (with or without housemates) then the best housewarming gift you can give them is something they don’t even realise they need yet. Do you already live out of home? What was something you wish you had had those first few months? Also remember that most first homes are cosy and petite, so keep these gifts small and multi-functional if possible to make small home styling easier. For this person we suggest one of the following options:

If they’re moving into a new home

Perhaps your friend’s lease has ended, and they’re just moving into a different home. This person can be a lot of fun to shop for as they probably have all the basics down at this point (at least we hope so) and probably don’t need some kitchen tongs or a wooden spoon. If you have the funds yourself, this can be a great opportunity to treat your friend a bit. Or you can keep it simple and just gift them something they don’t need, but that would surely enrich their life. Something like one of these ideas:

  • A new rug
  • Cushions and throws
  • Upscale cooking utensils (hello, new knife block)
  • Fancy olive oil
  • Special new bedding
  • A simple, timeless, impactful mirror
  • A houseplant that maybe they won’t kill now that they’re a bit more mature
  • Candles

Maison Blanche deluxe candle

If they’re getting fancy and moving into a nice home

Is your friend living large these days? Upgrading their domicile to something a little extra? It’s time for fancy gifts then.  Now, don’t worry if you aren’t rolling in cash like your friend. A great bottle of wine is literally always going to be appreciated, especially by fancy people in their fancy houses. If you want to give your friend a housewarming gift that can’t be consumed, we have a few ideas for that too. Why not consider the following:

Rendez-Vous Wine Glass

Your budget will fluctuate of course depending on how close you are with your friend, how long you’ve known them, and so on and so forth. But keep these frames of reference in mind and your friend is sure to be grateful.

If you’re ever confused though, just give them a gift voucher. They’ll figure out the rest.

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.