How to Turn Your House Into a 5-Star Holiday Rental


Holiday letting, or temporarily renting your home to guests, is becoming a popular option for people of all ages.

Whether it’s a few nights in an apartment or a few weeks in a holiday house, sites like Airbnb, Home Away and Stayz are making it incredibly easy for travellers to find accommodation in real-life houses around Australia. And it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks!

But it’s not enough to just give your house a quick clean before handing over the keys. Here are some tips for getting your holiday rental ready for those 5-star reviews 😉

Welcome To Your Holiday Rental

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You want your guests to feel welcomed when they first step in your door. It’s always good to have a clear entrance space where guests can stand and put down their bags.

Practical Storage

Use a dining bench or stool to create a storage spot in your entranceway and add a console table where guests can put their spare keys and knick-knacks (because it’s easy to lose things in a new place!).

Guest Books & Info Packs

If you have an open plan space, the entranceway is the prime space to put a guest book or guide book to local restaurants and attractions. You can also include a how-to guide on using appliances.

But if your entrance is easy to skim past, it can be better to put these all-important items further inside the house so guests don’t miss them!

Bedrooms Fit For A Hotel

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Make a good impression in your bedrooms by giving them the ‘hotel’ touch. It’s the little things that make a difference when styling your home, especially as a holiday rental…


A freshly laundered quilt cover set in a modern style, with plenty of plump pillows, can make a boring bedroom into a beautiful retreat.

If you buy quilt covers one size larger than you need, your cover will fall nicely over the edge of the bed.

And don’t forget to give the option of lighter quilts in summer, as well as flat sheets and spare blankets in winter.


For that hotel-home appeal, place fresh bath towels at the end of the guests’ beds and fold one corner up for something a little fancier than a standard square fold.

With the towels on the beds, include some individually packaged soap (and make sure there are extras in the bathroom!).


If you have table lamps on your bedside tables, make sure that these are plugged in but turned off at the wall powerpoint when your guests arrive. This is a safety measure you should take all around your house!

Consider picking up a night light or two for tenants bringing smaller children. Night lights are easily plugged into wall sockets and can make little ones feel more at ease in a new house.

Wardrobes & Closet Space

If you’re only renting out your home for a short amount of time (a night or two) it can be worth investing in simple padlocks for your belongings. These can be picked up from Bunnings.

For long stays, empty out your cupboard rather than blocking it off. If your guests are renting your place for weeks, they’re going to need to store their clothes!

Take all your clothes out of your wardrobe and put them into temporary storage. This might mean consolidating with a wardrobe or chest of drawers in another room and locking that one off instead. Either way, try to have at least one free wardrobe for guests to use.

Kitchen Convenience

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Cookware & Cutlery

Guests staying only a night or two might be happy with eating out, but travellers staying in a holiday rental for weeks will probably want to do some cooking.

Leave simple cookware pots and pans for guests to use, as well as any practical utensils. These are easily replaceable if anything goes wrong. Same goes for mugs and glassware.

You can even put the rest of your kitchenware away into storage if you’re not comfortable with others using it.

Tea & Coffee

And if you want to really make your holiday rental more homely, have tea and coffee readily available. There’s nothing like a cuppa after a day of travelling!

Cleaning Products

Make sure guests have access to dishwashing liquid, tea towels, cloths and paper towels for practical use. You can also leave out some standard spray-n-wipe in under-sink storage. Always comes in handy for quick clean-ups!

A Beautiful Bathroom

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A sparkling clean bathroom is enough to make any weary traveller smile. But making your holiday rental truly 5-stars requires something a little extra special.


As we mentioned earlier, bath towels should be found on guests’ beds, nicely folded.

But extra towels and hand towels should also be found in the bathroom over railings, stacked on floating shelves or folded on a stool nearby. You never know when you might need spare towels, especially if your guests are bringing small children or are staying for a long period of time.

Cleaners & Soaps

Spare soap can be kept on the sink or in drawer storage along with accessories and a travel hair-dryer. (Hey, it’s 5-star accommodation, right!)

Shampoo and conditioner can be left in plain sight, but it’s not always necessary to offer these as many people will opt to bring their own.

Safeguard Your Outdoor Area

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Clean Outdoor Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have a lovely outdoor deck or balcony, make sure it’s cleaned and your outdoor furniture is ready for use. Check out our previous post on how to clean your outdoor space here.

Consider Pets & Kids’ Safety

Ensure your backyard is securely fenced in and free from dangerous items. Lock away tools in the shed and clear your space from debris, especially if guests are bringing children or pets.

The last thing you want is an accident on your property!

Wheelie Bins

Keeping your wheelie bins accessible is a good idea, particularly the recycling bin (and if you’re holidaying yourself while guests rent your place, ask neighbours if they can put your bins out for your weekly pick-up).



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