7 Clever Tricks For Hosting A Party In A Small Space


We all love a good party whether it’s New Years Eve, a birthday bash, or for no real reason at all!

But one of the main obstacles that can halt planning in its tracks is the realisation that you don’t actually have room for a party!

Small homes, tiny apartments, share houses… Wherever you host your celebration, one thing is certain: size does matter.

How in the world will you fit 50 people into your living room? How do you host a garden party when your backyard is more like an alleyway? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you out…

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Move your furniture around

Consider what living room furniture can be pushed back against a wall or removed entirely.

Coffee tables, side tables and consoles can be moved to another room to give more central party space.

If your kitchen will be part of the scene, consolidate space by removing unnecessary items (such as dining chairs). You want people to stand and mingle anyway!

Clear out the clutter

Tidying your space before guests arrive is a given. It not only makes your limited space cleaner, but feels bigger as well.

Remove any loose items such as vases and bowls, and consider placing larger cushions on the floor for impromptu seating and a laid-back vibe.

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Keep it cool and airy

It seems obvious, but throw open your windows! When you’re cramming lots of people into a single room you’re going to run out of air fast.

Keeping your party area at a comfortable temperature will help the room feel less crowded and claustrophobic.

So open a window, turn on the air conditioning, or prop up a pedestal fan if you absolutely have to!

Make a space for guests’ belongings

Designate a clear area for guests’ bags, jackets, and belongings. Somewhere near the entrance but not ‘in’ the party zone is a good spot.

This will eliminate that cluttered feeling and make it easier for guests to come and go without navigating the crowd.

Use tiered food displays

When presenting platters of food at your party, you want to use as much surface space as you can. So think laterally!

Tiered food displays allow you to create dimension with your food and maximise space.

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Spread food around

People tend to congregate around the food table and the last thing you want is a hungry crowd struggling to get to the mini quiches.

By placing various party foods and drinks at different points around the room, you encourage guests to migrate around the party area and mingle amongst others.

It also means that you can use more abstract surface spaces (such as entertainment units or shelves) to store a food platter. Be resourceful!

Label glassware

The last thing you want is a pile up of glasses at your kitchen sink. Encourage guests to use the same glass time and time again to reduce waste.

Use unique glassware so guests remember which one is theirs, or make labels and markers for wine glasses.

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