Your 3-step guide to winning Christmas at your place

xmas tree

The best part about Christmas is the delight in knowing you will be spending time with your loved ones.  In some cases, your Christmas guests will be staying over for the holidays. And as much as that is exciting, it’s important to remember with great hosting comes great responsibility! So in the spirit of giving, we have put together a three-step guide to get you through the festive season with ease.

Welcome your guests with the ultimate sleep space

You want your guests to feel as though your place is their home away from home. More often than not, your guests have travelled far, and so they should feel a sense of warmth from not only the host themselves but also where they intend to rest and recover. Soft sheets and comfy quilts are a must!

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Along with the perfect bedding, add a little luxury at home through cushions and a comfy throw. The right bedding accessories can really make the space stand out and provide a cozy atmosphere for your guests. The layered look of differing textures in your bedding accessories enhance an inviting and warm vibe that your guests will love! The delight of a comfortable stay is enough to make all your finishing touches worth the effort.

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Eat, drink, and be merry

In the chaos that is a family gathering and preparing for Christmas day, snacks may not be something that may cross your mind. However, as a host, it’s your Christmas duty to make them feel as home as possible. This includes keeping them fed until the big day! Offer up snacks and beverages your guests can graze on throughout the day for an easy alternative to three sit down meals a day. This gives you more time to prep for your Christmas feast while keeping your guests full and satisfied.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or even homemade, save your culinary capabilities for the main event. Crackers, bread, cheese, cold meats, fruit, and nuts are all great items to serve and they look beautifully presented on a nice wooden serving board for the ultimate take on rustic food styling!

snack 1

This works for beverages too, have your favourite drinks stocked in the fridge for post-backyard cricket matches. Water and juices don’t have to be boring, entertain in style with a glass jug and fun straws for a vintage look. And if you’re feeling fancy, cut up some fruit and add some fresh mint for a thirst-quenching, flavour-infused twist!


Make water fun for even the youngest of guests just by changing up your presentation.

But if you want to keep it more simple, a few jars filled with snacks or cookies on your kitchen counter works too! Who doesn’t love an easily accessible midnight snack?

snack jars

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 Set the scene for a sumptuous meal

We all know the way to leave a lasting impression on your guests is with the all important Christmas meal.  So make sure to break bread in style! The table setting and decorations don’t have to be fancy, simplicity makes great impact too!

Start with a base, the tablecloth or runner. A base fabric is the best way to decide where you want to take the setting. Consider an exposed table for a rustic feel with just a runner or a tablecloth for an elegant and traditional touch to your Christmas day, the styling possibilities are endless! From there you can begin to add pieces you love and layer different textures and colours for a table setting that captivates your guests as much as your meal.


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Another way to add some festive charm to your table is through a beautiful centerpiece. Candle holders with lit candles make great table centerpieces, and can work with any Christmas theme or colours you have chosen. Whether they be traditional polished silver or gold, or even a more festive hue like red, they all work well in creating an ambiance perfect for any special occasion!


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An occasion like Christmas is also the perfect time to bring out the nicer serving-ware and cutlery you have been saving. Leave your everyday plates and glassware and impress your guests with the finishing touches to your table setting.


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By setting the table with serving-ware guests may not have seen before only adds to the feeling that Christmas at your place is an event to remember and a meal they wont forget. 

xmas dinner

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Layered sets of serving-ware allows for functionality when it comes to a large Christmas spread while also creating a fuller look to your table for a charming display.  Even cutlery has the ability to impress, opt for a gold finish on your cutlery for a truly charming addition to your table.


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Christmas is a special time that everyone looks forward to, so make Christmas at your place the best yet. With these three easy steps, you will have everyone looking forward to next year before they have even finished their last bite! What are your favourite tips for a successful Christmas event? Let us know in the comments!





Mahene Khan is a 20-something-year-old writer from Sydney, Australia. When she isn't writing, she's lost in her own bubble of cake batter and buttercream. She is also regularly inspired by the careers of television greats, Elaine Benes and Kelly Kapoor.