Style Guide: Mastering the Earthen Luxury Trend

Chambray Fringe Quilt Cover, Natural

Here at Zanui we can’t get enough of the glamorous yet grounded trend of earthen luxury. But just in case you’re not as in love with it as we are, let’s break it down a bit.

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Header image features the Chambray Fringe Quilt Cover, Natural.

What is Earthen Luxury?

Earthen luxury is all about a return to nature. (Without sacrificing everyday necessities of course!) It involves embracing rugged, almost unfinished, finishes. This means a lot of wood, rattan, cotton, linen, and other natural elements.

Image features the Mathias Stool

Image features the Mathias StoolLenora Leather Rug, Dalia Breakfast Cushion (front cushion), Lenora Cushion (left), and Reva Cushion (right).

Earthen luxury also adds a grounded aura to the home. In a contemporary life things can feel hectic, so grounded, organic home styling can be the perfect solution. This is where Earthen Luxury steps in.

One of the greatest things about this trend is how versatile and adaptable it is. Too often when facing a new trend we can be likely to totally revamp our interiors. New sofas, sideboards, dining tables — the works. We’re not saying you can’t do that if you like (a little make-over can be fun after all), but rather that you don’t have to. Keep your existing pieces (providing your sofa isn’t electric blue or the like) and accent it accordingly to breathe Earthen Luxury into your space.

Soft Touches

Earthen luxury is all about the natural and what’s more natural than cotton? It’s not your only option of course. Linen and silk are luxe organic materials as well and are absolutely perfect in your bedding. But for casual throws and cushions you just can’t pass up cotton.

For a little texture, tassels and fringing are the way to go. Having something you can run your hands over when you’ve nested yourself into bed or under a rug on the sofa is perfect for bringing a little cosiness and comfort to your me-time. After all, ‘luxury’ is in the name, so remember that this trend is to help you create a relaxing home and cushions (used correctly) can help with that.

Image features

Image features the Burleigh Cushion (front), Noosa Cushion (back), and Byron Cushion (right).

There’s no reason, though, that you can’t expand your soft homewares beyond cushions. This might include rugs and even curtains, for example. Whichever soft, cosy elements make you feel a sense of natural glamour are perfect. But nothing sends forth an aura of opulence the way that almost too many cushions and pillows can.

Interior Essentials

The earthen luxury trend is all about recognising the inherent beauty of organic materials and artisinal craftsmanship. If you’ve decided it’s time to re-outfit your home, there’s no reason it can’t reflect the timeless appeal of earthen luxury.

A soft leather sofa embraces an organic material without sacrificing comfort. Of course if you prefer fabrics (find out if leather or fabric is right for you here) you can follow the same tips that apply to homewares. Keep it natural and cotton where possible to reflect the organic aspect of the trend.

Carl Leather 3 Seater Sofa, styled by Citizens of Style

Image features the Carl Leather 3 Seater Sofa from Life Interiors, styled by Citizens of Style

Other than leather, wood is one of the most natural materials you can bring into your home that maintains a luxe finish. Woods like mahogany are known for their vintage good looks but are often associated with industry, not very earthen luxury. But that doesn’t mean they can’t exemplify this trend! It’s all about the combination of materials and their finishes. One of the defining aspects of a lot of pieces in this trend is a curve towards darker tones like walnut for an easy starting point for that grounded look.

Home Staples

Stone isn’t an overly popular material when it comes to furniture. (Not since we moved out of caves thousands of years ago, at least.) But the look of it is increasingly popular for tableware.

A complete, matching tableware set, a soft linen or cotton table runner, and a good meal is a perfect way to exude earthen luxury. No one said that trends are exclusive to bedrooms and living rooms. Your dining space is one of the most commonly used spaces in the home, especially during family dinners, so can be one of the best places to show off your amazing interior style!

Image features the Speckle series from Ecology.

Image features the Speckle series from Ecology.

One of the great things about these natural materials in the dining space that you might not consider is their relatively neutral colour palette. No matter who cooks the meal, you can (almost always) be sure that they put love and effort into it. And one of the best things for that person is if everyone else enjoys the meal and appreciates that effort, and not just in terms of taste. The neutral, organic style of earthen luxury-inspired tableware lets your food speak for itself. The bold colours of the meal are allowed to stand out, which can excite the senses and, in turn, help excite the taste buds!

Finishing Accents

The earthen luxury trend might be about creating a space that is an escape from all the tech-based craziness of the modern world, but that doesn’t mean giving up your gadgets. However, it is important to not completely relinquish your aesthetic when it comes to your tech.

Reduce the amount of cables all over the space with a convenient charging dock or station. This will mean a more streamlined space, and they also give you another opportunity to experiment with materials. A lot of tech accessories have organic-styled finishes that let you play with different tones and shades in your space.

Image features Charging Tower, Walnut.

Image features the Charging Tower, Walnut.

Or you could opt for the secret storage option, with desks and even television stands that can hide the screens when not in use. Additionally, many entertainment units will have special holes in the back of them that help you keep all their various cables organised and disguised.

Finally, don’t forget the most important finishing touch: your personal style! However you embody the earthen luxury trend, you should still be able to reflect elements of your individual tastes for a truly unique and trendy home.

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.