Day 3: Xmas Cards + Wrap With Kids


Think back to when you decided to have kids… It was so you had your own race of minions, right? 😉 Here’s a little activity set to get them working on! Xmas wrap + cards.

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We don’t want to put the wind up you but… there’s only 22 sleeps to Christmas! With the rush to get your gifts sorted, decorate the house and dress the tree, wrap can become a second thought.

But this is such a lost opportunity!! Up the ante this year and create your very own personalised Christmas packaging.

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Got school holidays on your hands? This is a great activity for whiling away an afternoon. What could be more fun than messing around with pain and paper making ART! Adults and kids alike…

Plus, it’s so simple.

You (just) need

Paper (upcycle scrap paper for unique personality – repurpose the pages of your novel-in-progress!)
Cookie cutters
A sharp paring knife (But remember to supervise!)

The how

Slice your potatoes in two and press your cookie cutters firmly into place. Now comes the adult bit. Cut away the excess potato from outside and remove the cookie cutter to reveal your potato stamp ready for dipping and decorating!

The rest is up to your creativity! The world limits you enough without you limiting yourself. But we do suggest popping a bit of newspaper down to curb the more flamboyant decorating impulses!

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Design inspiration

We adore these charming card + wrap ideas. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication… So said Leonardo da Vinci. And the proof is in the (Christmas) pudding! Or just see below.

W3 W9
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You don’t have cookie cutters? You can whittle your own designs if you’ve a steady hand. It’s not so symmetrical? That’s all part of the magic!

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This paint splotch design in different colours is too cute. It works a treat on craft brown or newspaper….

W10 W4 W6
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Don’t forget to try out your designs as cards! Any stamped print repeated looks great.

You can even work in very simple shapes e.g. green triangles represent Christmas trees, then add on some ornaments by hand in pen after the paint dries.

We adore the little Rudolph finger-painted wrapping paper below. And the gorgeous Christmas party bags.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.37.55 pm Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.37.02 pm
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Enough inspiration for you? Get crafting!

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