DIY – Light Your Home With Mason Jars

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What’s not to love about mason jars? Those little sculpted storage pots are everywhere right now. Ridiculously versatile with their chic, simple form, mason jars can do everything from preserving your jam to dressing your wedding reception, showcasing your fave fleurs and more. Paint them, mount them, suspend them from your ceiling and light your room… the possibilities are endless.

Here at Zanui, we’re smitten with mason jar lighting installations. Create this statement look for inspired entertaining.

Apartment therapy

Painted mason jars make great candle holders in creams and pastels via

Lighting is integral to establishing tone. And lighting installations allow you to craft a unique aesthetic with greater diversity across the one space. 

We adore those pendant-style mason jar chandeliers – especially in the company of polished concrete floors. Urban-industrial eat-your-heart-out. But quite frankly, the thought of getting jiggy with electrical wiring sounds less than exciting.*

So how do you channel that upcycled look without flirting with death? Check out these earthy mason jar group lighting options.

*If you’re electrically savvy, by all means, go to town. But promise you’re not just talking it up – electricity is not very understanding.

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Fairytale atmosphere amongst the trees via anyonecandecorate.blogspot and awesome pendant lighting at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar in Miami Beach via

#1 – Rustic votives

Candlelight is one décor accent that never gets tired. It adds warmth and light play to your interiors for inviting ambience. And mason jars make the perfect home for tiny flames. Incorporating flowers and candles in your table settings adds vintage feminine charm.

Get your craft on and create an old-school lantern. Exploit the textures of polished pebbles, coloured sands or shells as a base. Then dress your jars in crochet, lace, hessian bows and more for quirky visual appeal. For a dash of colour, tint your jars.

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Natural beauty – a table setting decked out in spring flowers and mason jar votive holders filled with acorns via sparklingmomma.wordpress

#2 – Faery Light Lanterns

Adorn your mason jars with fairy lights and cast intricate light patterns upon your outdoor entertaining. Like fireflys in a jar, Faery Light Lanterns add a touch of magic to your soirees. This simple effect is perfect for indoor/outdoor zones, small balconies and pint-sized gardens. Trace a path amongst your pot plants to create a sense of enchantment.

Fairy lights lantern

You can completely transform your space with fairy lights and fine glass jars via brightnest.tumblr

#3 – Homemade oil lantern

Homemade oil lanterns ooze old world charisma and are super-easy to make. They make great centrepieces or features at your dinner parties, barbecues and outdoor cocktail parties.

All you need is a mason jar with a metal lid, a nail to puncture a hole in it to fit your wick, a bottle of olive oil or indoor non-toxic burning oil and a fibreglass wick. Thread your wick through the hole in the lid, leaving half an inch exposed. Use half water/half oil for a pretty point of difference.


Outdoor magic via

So there ends our ode to mason jar lighting. Such a simple way to add creative inspiration to your home. What’s your favourite way to use mason jars in your décor?

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