Our Top 10 Dining Chairs


Dine out on the superior style of our top ten dining chairs, from the iconic to the classic and cutting-edge in design.

Dining in never looked so good. Which is your favourite?

Bentwood dining chair from tumblrdotcom
The Bentwood dining chair, available online at Zanui. Image credit: tumblr.com.

The Bentwood Dining Chair

The appeal of this vintage dining chair has long outlived its creator. In the nineteenth century, German-Austrian cabinet-maker Michael Thonet (1796-1871) revolutionised furniture design with his Bentwood dining chair.

Thonet’s innovative techniques for steaming and bending wood into curvilinear shapes put paid to heavy, carved wooden furniture.

He designed the original Model No.14 dining chair in the late 1850s. This iconic design anticipated classical modernism with its minimal style and economical use of material. Showcasing a fan-back for support, its simple aesthetic suits a wide range of dining environs, from casual to more formal.

We love its cosmopolitan style, reminiscent of quaint French bistros.

Vivienne Beige Dining Chair by Zanui
Browse button-back upholstered dining chairs online at Zanui.

Button-Back Dining Chairs

Love that antique luxe look? Button-back dining chairs are for you. Dubbed the Age of the Upholsterer, the Victorian era specialised in brocades, silks and velvet. We’re talking lavish. Style meant opulence and ornamentation.

Introduce a trace of this classical elegance in your dining room with intricately crafted button-back dining chairs.

We love their plush feel, encouraging relaxation and decadence.

Eames dining chairs from entrancemakleridotse
Browse Replica Eames dining chairs online at Zanui. Image credit: entrancemakleri.se.

The Eames Family

In the mid-twentieth century, husband-and-wife team Charles and Ray Eames changed the direction of design with the moulded plywood and fibreglass chairs their name is now synonymous with.

These sleek dining chairs still grace the pages of the glossies today.

Sculpted to the body for comfort, Eames dining chairs deliver clean lines for a spacious aesthetic. Emulating the fluidity of organic forms, these ground-breaking designs are intrinsically modern.

We love their svelte curves and sculptural silhouettes. Now available in on-trend hues.

Tolix dining chairs from lobsterandswandotcom
Browse Tolix dining chairs online at Zanui. Image credit: lobsterandswan.com.

Tolix Dining Chairs

Tolix makes a mid-century statement in your home. The brainchild of one Xavier Pauchard (1880 – 1948), Tolix dining chairs adds brazen colours and mod lines to your dining zone.

Pauchard was a pioneer of metal galvanisation in post-World War I Burgundy, France. A visionary entrepreneur, he produced sheet metal items for the home.

In 1927, he launched Tolix, the brand, branching out into chairs, stools and other metal furniture. This use of base metals represented a move away from the ornamentation of 19th century design.

In recent years, Tolix has experienced a serious revival. Today Tolix chairs and bar stools furnish chic cafés and restaurants as well as stylish homes.

We love their rugged good looks and vibrant colours.

X-back dining chair from tidbitsandtwinedotcom
The Cross-Back or X-back Dining Chair, available online at Zanui. Image credit: tidbitsandtwine.com.

The Cross-Back Dining Chair

Instil a trace of French provincial charm in your dining space with cross-back dining chairs. This timeless and versatile dining chair design is a little rustic yet widely adaptable. Tipping its hat to Thonet’s Bentwood Chair, the cross-back dining chair exudes an air of nostalgia.

We love their old-world charisma and simple form.

Scandinavian dining chairs from Zanui.
Scandinavian dining chairs, available online at Zanui.

Scandinavian Dining Chairs

Scandinavian dining chairs infuse your dining room with sophisticated style. The emphasis is on fine craftsmanship and superior function. Spot their tapered legs and sleek lines.

Scandi-inspired designs use natural timber finishes and tones, bringing textural looks and an earthy element into your home.

We love their no-nonsense Nordic style that places the natural beauty of the materials front and centre.

Interstil Sevilla Faux Leather Dining Chair Interstil Sander Brown Faux Leather Dining Chair from Zanui Casa Uno Bonita Leather Dining Chair Interstil Sander Black Faux Leather Dining Chair
L to R: Interstil Sevilla Faux Leather Dining Chair, Interstil Sander Brown Faux Leather Dining Chair, Casa Uno Bonita Leather Dining Chair, and Interstil Sander Black Faux Leather Dining Chair.

The Leather-Look

Feed your inner bachelor with leather dining chairs. Whether you’re opting for faux leather or the real McCoy, there’s a handsome masculinity to this aesthetic.

Leather plays out well with chrome and brassy metals. Tufting adds that vintage look. Opt for earthy hues like deep chocolate, burnt orange and mustard for a mid-century lean.

The build of leather chairs demands more space than most others. Pair them with a heavy wooden table dining table for an arresting look.

We love their retro bravura and cushy comfort.

Rattan dining chairs from betterhomesandgardensdotcomdotau
Browse rattan dining chairs online at Zanui. Image credit: bhg.com.au.

Rattan Dining Chairs

Introduce natural textures and neutral tones with hand-woven rattan dining chairs. Strong and sturdy for longevity, rattan adds depth and personality to your dining room. Reminiscent of country homesteads, this cosy look remains bright and airy.

Rattan dining chairs suit Hamptons-style homes, coastal, bohemian and modern interiors. Opt for a whitewashed finish for a fresh yet refined style.

We love their neutral hues and wholesome style. Dining suites with rattan chairs seem to exude homely contentment.

Iniko Tulia Mocha Dining Chair (Set of 2) from Zanui.
Iniko Tulia Mocha Dining Chair (Set of 2). Browse Iniko online at Zanui.

Japanese Minimalist Dining Chairs

Japan is fixated with paring things back. The Japanese aesthetic concentrates around a purity of form. When it comes to dining chairs, this produces striking angular designs fashioned from fine woods and fabric. These dining chairs add signature accents to your home.

We love their contemporary forms, understated yet refined.

Loft Furniture Esben Stool
Loft Furniture Esben Stool. Browse stools online at Zanui.


And, finally, the humble stool. Okay, so it’s not quite the dining chair in its strictest form, but the stool makes for great additional seating when extra friends and family drop by.

Fashioned from wood, animal hide, metal and more, the stool adds a decorative accent to your décor.

Use your stool as a space to display vignettes when it’s not in use.

We love their versatility – they’re great for family homes. Stools are handy and space saving.

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