Delectable Décors: Food-Inspired Themes

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Vanish bland and tasteless décors with these interior themes that are so good, it’ll leave your tummy grumbling…

We all know that food brings people together – friends for a Saturday seafood lunch, family for the traditional Sunday roast, or both for your signature cheesecake and melting moments.

It makes sense then to join the things that bring people together and what makes your house a home.

zanui-995011-290679 cropped
Sadie Gloss Console Table, Aqua, Sleuth Table Lamp, Replica Eames Eiffel DAR Armchair in White and assorted cushions, available online at Zanui.

No, we don’t mean a kitchen update. We mean literally decorating with food (hold on to your cream pies – we don’t mean that literal).

Though Lady Gaga’s meat dress might be a bit over the top and Katy Perry’s cupcake ensemble a little too eccentric, we’ve found the perfect balance of quirky and fun to subtly and fashionably add to your home (and it will make you salivate!).

Whether you’re a sweet tooth or a sucker for salty savoury, we’ve got just the thing for you.


No one is ever too old for a little bit of sweetness. Carnival candy is a classic favourite – think fairy floss, oversized lollipops and gumballs.

speckled-house-567421-316298 cropped
Ice Cream Cone and Popsicle Wall Hooks from Speckled House, available online at Zanui.

To achieve the reminiscent sugariness in your home without the overload, opt for pastel pinks, blues and purples.

americanflat-303121-299325 side table collage
L to R: Sweets Donut Print Art, Carraway Pink Side Table and Sweets Macaroons Print Art, available online at Zanui.

For a subtle look of sweetness, utilise the colour scheme in the finer details of your décor and make them stand out. We love the look of statement pendant lights and desk lamps.

empirical-style-727321-311649 lights collage
L to R: Miners Cage Pendant Light, Peppermint/Pink and Balloon Summer Series Pendant Light, Elodie, lighting available online at Zanui.

Play with your walls and floors with patterned rugs and motif wall stickers. Complement them with simple-coloured furniture. You won’t need a sugar hit when your interior looks this sweet.

little-sticker-boy-891721-327472 cropped
Ice Creams Wall Decal from Little Sticker Boy.

Embrace the quirkiness in your cosy furnishings such as cushions and throws. Designs with sprinkles of colour will lift your interior with festive vibes. We love the unmissable Woouf goodies that never fail to give us a big carnival smile.

woouf-315911-292462 collage
L to R: Sweety Cushion, Cupcake Kids Cushion, Cake Kids Bean Bag Cover from Woouf.

For the most subtle yet satisfying touch of sweetness, opt for a typographic print. These are a charming feature in any room and make great gifts too!

americanflat-815501-227410 prints collage
L to R: Love Waffles Print Art, Be A Fruit Loop Print Art and Chocolate Doesn’t Ask Questions Chalkboard Print, available online at Zanui.


Does the thought of stringy cheese as you pull apart a pizza make you drool? Perhaps the crunch of a French fry? We’ve got something in store that will give you that satisfying, indulgent feeling just by stepping into your home.

hoxton-art-house-302911-290000 cropped
Contemporary-cool living room aesthetic with the Vintage Italian Radish Chart 1900’s Canvas Print from Hoxton Art House.

The warming sensation of savoury foods not only satisfies your tummy, but your eyes too with these simple styling tips.

sounds-like-home-111101-197044 collage
Vintage Hot Pizza Canvas PrintVintage Mexican Food Canvas Print and Vintage Best Burgers Canvas Print from Soundslike HOME.

Everything about savoury styling is in the deep tones and shades of colour. Mustards, maroons and browns all give off that café-style relaxation that brings you to your most enjoyable state.

rapee-277581-330214 collage
Hot dog-inspired look using Lexie Cushions in mulberry and mustard, and Luxe 3 Seater Sofa, Tobacco.

Lamp shades and stools create a laid-back mood while keeping your space stylish. Exaggerate the cool vibes with a funky rug and bean bags – making the best atmosphere for takeout and Netflix.

lazy-bag-70449-1 collage
L to R: Modern Geo Wool Rug, SunrisePommes Frites Bean Bag Cover and Peek Avocado Print Art.

Keeping it healthy? You’ll love garnishing your walls with canvas prints from Hoxton Art House.

hoxton-art-house-102911-289989 collage
L to R: Vintage Italian Melon Vine Chart 1900’s Canvas PrintVintage Italian Root Turnip Chart 1900’s Canvas Print and Vintage Italian Parsnip Chart 1900’s Canvas Print.


We all know it: fruit salad, yummy yummy! Whether you have a taste for acidic flavours or sweet berries, you’re sure to be delighted with mouth-watering décor pieces that ooze summertime.

almond-tree-designs-766811-284852 resized
When Life Gives You Lemons Print from Almond Tree Designs.

We’re about to scratch the first rule of mannerism: “don’t play with your food!” (Sorry mum.) If you love playing with colour, then a fruity theme is just for you.

americanflat-135421-312622 collage
L to R: Acidic Cycle Print Art, Pineapple CushionZest Cycle Print Art, available online at Zanui.

Keep your interior fresh and yummy all year round with the vibrant colours of tropical fruits – yellow, orange and green. Speckle berry colours in as you please (just like you would on a cake).

fruity collage
L to R: Blueberries Print Art, Big Watermelon Print Art, Big Pineapple Print Art, from Americanflat.

It is very easy to complement your contemporary theme with a fusion of fruitiness. A sophisticated method is with the addition of fruit sculptures and décor accents to your coffee table or desk.

fruit sculpture collage
L to R: Pear Statue (Set of 2), Banana Bowl and Ceramic Strawberry.

For a standout look, opt for a coloured or dipped side table to accentuate the theme. Side tables make practical surfaces that are useful for more than just their style. You’ll certainly love that.

side table collage
Harley Gloss Round Side Table in various colours from Zanui.

Top off your juicy décor with lamps that will really bring your interior to life.

fruity lights
L to R: Woodsman Pendant Light, YellowPineapple Lamp, Yellow and Small Diamond Pendant Light, Yellow.

Bonus: Fine Drinks

If your taste is more on the classic side, with a collection of aged wine and crystal drinkware, then why not pour some fine style into your home?

hoxton-art-house-647611-275072 cropped
Aperol Spritz Canvas Print, available online at Zanui.

Vintage-inspired prints are the way to go here, with classy and chic focal points that will inspire any space from your office to your dining room.

hoxton-art-house-257611-275109 collage
Drink Excelsior Canvas Print, Contratto Canvas Print and Martini Canvas Print from Hoxton Art House.

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