Decorating with Mirrors: Why, How and Where!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, in the living room or in the hall. The humble mirror holds huge interior styling power and potential. Interior designers LOVE a well-placed mirror, and you will too, we promise!

Mirrors can truly work wonders in your home, beyond simply providing a way for us to check that we look our best before heading out.

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What makes a mirror a great addition to your decor?

Mirrors are masters of illusion

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A mirror can make a room seem visually larger. For this reason, mirrors make perfect additions to hallways and entryways, as well as to small rooms.

In addition to making a room feel bigger, mirrors can also have the effect of making a room seem lighter.

A mirror placed near a window will help reflect the natural light outside to make the space appear brighter.


Mirrors are functional works of art

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While we love wall art as much as anyone, a mirror adds that extra element of practicality as well as style.

If you’ve got a blank bit of wall space, a mirror can be the perfect piece to fill it. A mirror will add wow-factor while also brightening and enlarging your space, while also allowing you to examine your appearance at any time!


Mirrors will complement any interior

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There are so many different types of mirrors out there. Round mirrors, leaner mirrors, arched mirrors, asymmetrical mirrors, rattan mirrors, rococo mirrors. The options are endless.

It’s easy to find a mirror to suit any interior style, from rustic to coastal to mid-century modern to bohemian.


Where and how to place mirrors

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Like wall art, mirrors are great for hanging over furniture, such as a console table, sideboard or sofa.

But they’re equally perfect on their own, left to take centre-stage against whatever wall you place them against.

Depending on your space and your needs, mirrors can either be hung or leant against a wall. Leaner mirrors are perfect if you’re renting, as they’re less likely to cause damage to the walls.


Exactly where in your home you want to place a mirror is entirely up to you. They’re perfect for literally any room of your home, from the hallway to the dining room.

A mirror atop a hallway console table or living room mantelpiece is chic and stylish, while a full-length leaner mirror is a practical choice for a bedroom.

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