How to Curate your Gallery Wall

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If a picture says a thousand words, then think how much a gallery wall can say. It’s a creative way to inject personal charm into your home with artworks, prints, and photographs combining to tell your story. 

For those who haven’t created a gallery wall before, it can seem like an overwhelming process. There are so many avenues to go down when deciding on how to style your wall, you may not even know where to begin. We’re here to help guide you through some ways you can assemble your gallery wall. 

#1 Choose a Theme 

To create a cohesive feel, you can select images that follow similar visuals. The main themes are often content, form, or colour that underpin and bring together the gallery wall.  Art fanatics may want to present their knowledge and expertise and choose art prints or artworks that pay tribute to their favourite artists or movements. You may want to select a theme in your content itself, like vintage style prints that will bring even more vibrance to your retro interior.


An array of light-washed frames with visuals consisting of abstract pale blues, beach scenes and pale neutrals will emphasise the laidback, coastal vibes of your interior. Maintaining a consistent visual form, such as a wall of photographs or paintings will also create a unified set up. You may want to combine your choice of form with colour or content for an even more connected feature. By following one of these three routes, it will allow your gallery wall to be a more cohesive and harmonious feature within your home.


#2 All About Shape 

Gallery walls naturally create shape and definition in your room, so it’s important to consider which structure you prefer on your walls. To add symmetry, you may prefer to curate a gallery wall in a line or in a rectangular shape. Visuals that follow the same or similar size will further emphasise clean-cut aesthetics.

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Many gallery walls, though, use a  variety of shaped visuals in an asymmetrical structure. Your largest visual will best be suited in the middle to anchor the arrangement, with the other smaller pieces surrounding it to create a more laid back, eclectic look. You may want to elevate shape and more interest on your wall by mixing portrait, square, landscape, or round frames.


#3 Framing 

Often artwork, prints, and photos will be framed on your walls for additional style. For your gallery wall, you may want the same colour and thickness for a uniform display. A black and white frame scheme with accompanying photos or paintings that also follow this are perfect for minimalist homes.

Black frame pixlr

Alternatively, if you’re not afraid to mix up your art frames, we’d stick to around three or less types to ensure the wall doesn’t end up looking disjointed. Timeless and easy to find, black, white, oak, and walnut frames always look good and don’t take away from their content.

different frames

#4 Beyond the Frame

A gallery wall doesn’t just have to be confined to the four corners of the frame. From hanging potted plants, lanterns, and wall mirrors, these pieces can break up your gallery wall tastefully. They can add even more depth to the theme you’ve decided to go with. For example, an old licence plate will be a beautiful nostalgic piece for a family orientated wall.  Adding decorative items into the mix creates definition and gives even more character to your arrangement. 


Walls Can Talk 

The gallery wall is a feature that can add beauty and personal charm to your home. It’s a great way to revamp any interior wall, not to mention also very efficient on space. While the thought of making one is initially daunting, the gallery wall is deceptively simple, and the perfect project to flex your creativity and personal taste. We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to create a masterpiece on your walls today!

Karina is a content writer for Zanui based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UTS with a degree in Communications majoring in Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys braving various weather conditions for a long walk, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.