Create Your Own Tropical Haven At Home


We all know this summer is going to be a hot one, so what better way to embrace the new season than by creating a tropical haven right in your own home?

We’ve got you covered with some simple style suggestions to bring home the Hawaiian vibes – at a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket. 😉

What is ‘tropical’ style?

Summer celebrates all things vibrant and playful. When we think “tropics” we picture bright colours on muted backgrounds for clever colour pops that revitalise your space.

Featured: Miconia Quilt Set from Kas; Pine Splice Painted Canvas Wall Art by United Artworks.

The colour of the tropics is green: it’s beautiful, flexible, fresh and exotic. There is a whole spectrum of greens out there, but to combat the heat of summer we’d suggest going for greens that are cooler in tone, more bluish to emulate the depths of a jungle paradise.

Featured: Assorted cushions from Rapee; Malibu Framed Print by Hoxton Art House.

Dark doesn’t always mean drab! Colour contrast is a really effective way to balance out your space and avoid decoration disasters. You want your home to be a haven, not a cave.

Featured: Palm Canyon Canvas Print by Urban Road. Assorted cushions by Escape to Paradise.

The easiest way to contrast colours is to look at a colour wheel. Pick the colour you want to be your focus, and the colour directly opposite that should act as your pop.


With greens, especially the darker shades, we’d suggest a coral or peachy colour. A match made in Hawaiian heaven! Coral is bright and inviting, juxtaposing the earthiness of the green beautifully.

Work with tropical patterns

The two motifs that have become tropical icons for design are the palm and the pineapple. We’ve written a post about this before (and the fact that the humble P-duo has cropped back up again proves this is a trend that stands the test of time.

Featured: Paradiso Canvas Print from A La Mode Studio; Split Canvas Print; Spray Canvas Print; Araceae Canvas Print from Urban Road.

There’s something very chill about the pattern of palms. Its structured leaf with its crisp veins and edges is very soothing – almost as if you can feel a sweet summer breeze on your skin.

Featured: Ernest Jute Rug from j.elliot HOME and Dream Coffee Table, Oak from Soundslike Home; Ellm Cross-Back Dining Chair from Casa Uno.

The pineapple is a unique fruit, iconic in its own rich and succulent way. Pineapple décor is trending at the moment and it’s easy to see why – it’s such a loveable fruit.

It adds a punch of character and a pop of colour and just oozes summer sweetness.

Featured: Pineapple Yellow Print Art; Pineapple Pink Print Art; Pineapple Blue Print Art by Americanflat.

For some beachy décor ideas, why not create a terrarium using beachy items? Shells, sea-glass, drift wood – a bit of coloured sand. Or maybe some small pebbles and some beach greenery? Gorgeous!

Images: Pinterest. Shop Terrariums online at Zanui.

Go all out with furniture

If the tropical style is more than just a trend for you, invest in some tropical-esque furniture to make your home feel like a summer haven all year round.

Natural materials like bamboo, wicker and rattan exude holiday vibes and make you feel as if you’re lounging on your own private island.

Featured: Surya Natural Dining Chair (Set of 2) from SataraOdin Stool, Oak from ZanuiCoastal Round Jute Rug from Rug Culture and Aerial Coastline Framed Print from Home & Abode; assorted jute rugs from Rug Culture.

Pair these earthy materials with clean white or muted cool tones to really tap into tropical vibes.

Punctuate this palette with more pops of colour – cheeky oranges, burnt reds, sunshine yellows – and your tropical spectrum is complete.

Featured: Studio Wire Lounge Chair from Life Interiors and Riviera Lemons, CockatooFish, and Island Outdoor Cushions from Rapee.

Fresh greenery is a great way to add dynamic colour and shape to your home. Unfortunately, the summer heat isn’t particular kind to plant life. However there is hope!

Featured: Artificial Giant Bird of Paradise Plant, Artificial Yucca Plant, Artificial Monsteria Plant from Rogue online at Zanui.

Rogue Living have crafted some beautiful and highly realistic faux plants that are the perfect solution.

These plants come in so many different types and styles with absolutely no maintenance cost except for a light dusting every now and then. So easy, and so effective.

Open A Window!

Natural lighting is one of the oldest tricks in the book for livening up a space, and natural lighting definitely adheres to any kind of haven.

Featured: 005 Coconut & Lime Soy Wax Candle from Maison Blanche.

Opening up a window to feel the summer breeze creates an instantly fresher and more relaxed space. Take it one step further by adding scent to your room.

These candles from Maison Blanche come in a variety of different scents and are a delightful addition to any room of the house.

Don’t Forget The Floor

Rugs are an awesome addition to any room of the house, especially if your floors are timber or marble or any kind of natural material. Rugs add dimension and structure, as well as being practical floor covers.

Featured: Plumeria Round Jute Rug from Fab Rugs. Woody tones and wicker textures add beachy charm.

For a tropical touch, opt for woven textures in natural colours to balance bright furnishings; conversely, go bold and bright and splash out with a funky design in greens or pinks or both to brighten a neutral palette.

Featured: Amazilia Lagoon Wool Rug from Harlequin. Go bold and bright by mixing colours and textures.

Focus on the finishing touches

Cushions are the perfect little investment to add character and theme to a room at minimal cost. The best part is that they’re so easy to swap out if you ever want to change up your style.

Featured: CantoucPerry, Rio, Talisia, Ruby and Miconia cushion covers from Kas.

colour-duo cushion-collage
Featured left: Jive and Tropical Bright cushions from Kas. Featured right: Oasis Palm TreesHaven Palm Trees, LagoonOasis Banana Leaf, SalmonHaven FrangipaniOasis Coco, Beige; and Brazil Pineapple, Black cushions from Escape to Paradise.

Wall art is the same story. Switch out bland or overdone wall art or hangings for fresh ones. Stick to the same tropical palm or pineapple motifs, or keep the chilled vibes with swirling watercolour prints or beachy photographs. The details make all the difference.

Featured: Living Palette Canvas Print from Shaynna Blaze for Urban Road and Crystal Water Painted Canvas Wall Art from United Artworks.

Courtney is currently studying Communications at the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in Creative Writing. Her ultimate goal is to break into the publishing/editing world. She is interning at Zanui until February 2017. Her hobbies include writing, talking, daydreaming, and hanging out with her cat.